July 5, 2020

YouTube adds fact-check feature, wireless providers extend pledge – Video

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Looking to slow the spread of disinformation about the Coronavirus, YouTube is expanding its fact checking feature, so it will now appear in search results for US audiences.
The company said on Tuesday.
The feature, a box that shows a top YouTube search results when a user is looking for particular information, Launched in India and Brazil last year.
For the feature to be triggered, there must already be relevant fact, checking articles available from an eligible publisher.
The feature also depends on how a user searches the site.
The nation’s largest wireless and broadband companies are extending their promise to not disconnect service to June thirtieth.
In an effort to help customers through the COVID-19 crisis, in March, these service providers voluntarily signed on to the FCC’s keep Americans connected pledge.
So far more than 700 broadband and wireless companies have signed on.
And finally, tick tock has added a new feature that lets you help raise funds for charities and other causes.
The social video app on Monday launch donation stickers can be edited Tik Tok videos and live streams the stickers when clicked on a pop up that lets people submit a donation without having to leave the app.
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