November 29, 2020
Xbox Series S release is Nov. 10: Check availability at Amazon, Best Buy, Target and more

Xbox Series S has been released: Check availability at Amazon, Best Buy, Target and more

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The Xbox Series S has been released — but it will likely still be tough to find in stores and online for quite a while (with the possible exception of Walmart on Thursday — more on that in a moment). To recap, this is the $299 step-down model from the $499 Xbox Series X. It plays all the same games, but it’s capped at 1440p resolution (versus 4K), and only has half as much storage (500GB vs. 1TB) — but that’s expandable with add-on drives, and Microsoft auto-loads less capacious textures to better optimize space. If you don’t have a 4K TV, this is your most affordable choice.


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But the Series S sold out quickly on preorder day back in September, and most of us were consigned to waiting until Nov. 10 to claim a console. Which raises the question: How much inventory will there actually be this week? That’s hard to say, because Microsoft has said little about how many units it will put on sale. 

This much is true: While Sony has announced its PS5 launch will be online-only, both flavors of the Xbox were initially available both online and in-store. Of course, the Series S sold out quickly and we expect limited quantities through the rest of 2020. Don’t expect to see it in stores or online until Black Friday.

Except for Walmart on Thursday, that is. Walmart has tweeted that there will be inventory available on Thursday, Nov. 19.

That’s not a lot of details, but our friends at GameSpot have managed to fill in a few additional details. According to GameSpot, both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will be available. As the tweet indicates, sales will be online only, and you should be ready at 12 p.m. PT/3 p.m. ET to try to snag a console of your own. 

We expect that Walmart will sell out very quickly and there’s likely to be more website instability like the retailer experienced on launch day. But if you want an Xbox, this may be your last chance before Black Friday. 

Still, at least one CNET editor was able to score the Xbox Series S on Amazon, which is currently promising delivery by the end of the week. Inventory there has since disappeared, but if you’d like to try your luck, we’ve rounded up all the major retailers currently offering the console for sale.

Best Buy was the last retailer standing back during preorder day in September, but it’s just one of many stores now offering the Xbox Series S.

Amazon’s order page includes both versions of the next-gen console — the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. 

This is where to go to buy an Xbox Series S at Newegg. 

Here is Walmart’s Xbox Series S order page. The retailer is currently indicating that there will be consoles available on Thursday, Nov. 19 at 12 p.m. PT/3 p.m. ET.

If you would like to buy the new Xbox from GameStop, here is where to go. 

Target has the Xbox Series S, too.

Microsoft will offer the Xbox Series S for $300, or as part of the Xbox All Access plan, which includes the Series S and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and costs $25 per month for 24 months.

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