April 11, 2021
What's new to stream for February 2021 - Video

What’s new to stream for February 2021 – Video

If it’s new online, we’re covering it.
Here’s what’s new in February.
Let’s hit the biggest titles.
First, we get the continuation of one division on Disney plus a new episode run every Friday in February on the 26th.
Hulu has a new original film Film called The United States versus Billie Holiday.
The film star singer actor Andra Day.
HBO Max is bringing the two movies home for a limited time.
Judas and the black Messiah arrives on the 12th This tells the story of Fred Hampton, the chairman of the Black Panther Party in the late 60s, the other film on HBO Max, Tom and Jerry.
No, I’m not making that up.
Tom and Jerry hits max on the 26th.
Both of those max movies will be available for about a month.
On February 5th go to Amazon Prime for a new movie called Bliss.
This film stars Selma Hayek and Owen Wilson.
It’s described as a mind bending love story.
Speaking of love, check out Malcom and Marie on Netflix beginning on the 5th.
This film is getting a lot of buzz and it stars Zendiah and John David Washington.
Still speaking of love, check out to all the boys always and forever.
It’s on Netflix on the 12th.
Watch as Larry Jean prepares for the start of adulthood.
Let’s laugh a little on the second of February.
Netflix has a new season of Tiffany Haddish presents Ready.
This is the show where Haddish gives her favourite comedians a chance to shine.
Netflix also has a Brian Regan special called on the rocks starting on the 23rd.
Reagan talks about such controversial topics like dinner parties and animals.
Did I say controversial because I meant comedic on the 15th Netflix has a new Kevin James vehicle called the crew.
James plays a pit crew chief.
And in case you were wondering about the quality relax, all episodes were directed by Andy fickman.
You might know him as a director of Paul Blart Mall Cop two
Okay, that was weird, let’s look at some unscripted shows, first up in Netflix is Strip Down Rise Up on February 5th.
This documentary is about a group of women who heal their trauma and body image issues through the arts Of pole dancing, stripped down rise up is by Academy Award nominated director Michelle O’Hagan crime scene the vanishing at the Cecil Hotel is a new documentary series that hits Netflix on the 10th crime scene is set to be a multi season series with the first season focusing on the infamous activities that have occurred at the Cecil Hotel.
In Los Angeles, a documentary on Pele is headed to Netflix on the 23rd.
The film tells the story of the legendary soccer player named Pele.
What’s the film called?
Canine intervention is on Netflix beginning on the 24th.
What’s it about confronting animals about their self destructive behaviors?
Well, not really.
It’s about helping dog owners with their pets.
Speaking of animals, Bear Grylls returns with Animals on the Loose, a you versus wild movie.
This is an interactive film featuring three urgent missions.
It starts streaming on February 16th.
Then there’s Buried By The Bernards on the 12th.
At first, I thought this was a dark comedy, but it’s actually a reality series.
Focused on the Barnard families who happened to run a funeral home.
Changing gears.
The creator of the Powerpuff Girls has a new series on Netflix called Kid Cosmic.
It goes online on the second.
Bigfoot family is on Netflix two days before the month ends.
This show focuses on a kid whose dad is Bigfoot and on Disney plus, check out myth.
A frozen tail on the same day.
It’s based on that frozen movie that seems to be very popular for whatever reason.
Those are just some of the titles coming in February.
For more information, check out cnet.com/netpicks on my ASAC turn.
I’ll see you online.

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