January 22, 2021
What's new to stream for December 2020 - Video

What’s new to stream for December 2020 – Video

If it’s new online, we’re covering it.
Here’s what’s coming in December.
We’ve got some big titles this month.
Wonder Woman 1984 is coming to HBO Max beginning on December 25th.
The film will stream there at no additional cost, but be available only for a month.
Pixar’s Soul is coming to Disney + on Christmas day.
This is by Pete Docter, the mind behind Up and Inside Out.
On December 18th at Disney +, it’s the second season finale of the Mandalorian.
Netflix has Ma Rainey’s Black bottom.
This stars Viola Davis and the late Chadwick Bozeman.
It’s an adaptation of the play of the same name and it goes online starting on December 18th.
Netflix also has Mank starting on December 4th.
This movie follows Herman J Mankiewicz as he tries to finish Citizen Kane.
Mank is directed by David Fincher and stars Gary Oldman.
On December 23rd Netflix has The Midnight Sky.
This film is directed by, produced by, and stars George Clooney.
In this uplifting film, a scientist must warn astronauts from returning to Earth since there’s been a mysterious global catastrophe.
Sounds like a laugh riot.
The limited series The Stand is coming to CBS All Access starting on December 17th.
Amazon Prime has a new original film called I’m Your Woman on December 11th.
This is a crime drama set in the 1970s.
A woman is forced to go on the run after her husband betrays his partners.
December 26th, Letterkenny, Season 9 arrives on Hulu.
If you have not watched Letterkenny, go watch it.
On December 4th, Big Mouth, Season 4 arrives on Netflix.
Expect the same gross out humor from this season.
The final episodes of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina are coming to Netflix on December 31.
Officially, this collection is called Part 4. On December 4th, Selena the Series comes to Netflix.
This is a musical drama based on the life of the singer, Selena.
Speaking of music, check out The Prom on Netflix beginning on December 11.
A group of down on their luck Broadway stars shake up life in a small town.
Lots of big names are in The Prom including Meryl Streep, James Corden, Kerry Washington, and Nicole Kidman.
Disney + has the hilariously titled High School Musical: The Musical: The Holiday Special on December 11th.
I’ll let you figure out what it’s about.
HBO Max has My Gift, a Christmas special from Carrie Underwood.
This starts streaming on December 3rd.
The Expanse season five comes to Amazon Prime on December 16th.
On December 2nd, Netflix has a new docuseries called Alien Worlds.
It tries to imagine alien life on other planets using the laws of life on Earth.
Speaking of Earth, Amazon Prime has The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt on December 18th.
Richard, James, and Jeremy think they’re in for a cushy road trip, but will have to take on the world’s toughest road.
And in case you want to laugh your way into the new year, check out Netflix for Best of stand up 2020.
This compilation features the funniest jokes from specials that launched in 2020.
For more information on what’s coming and going online, check out cnet.com/netpicks.
I’m Iyaz Akhtar and I’ll see you online.

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