January 28, 2021
What will cars be like in 25 years? - Video

What will cars be like in 25 years? – Video

By flight I mean yes, we may see flying cars.
Some of the greatest ships you’re gonna see is electrification.
We’re closer to the Jetsons than we are to the Flintstones.
Cars have changed enormously over the last 25 years.
I mean back in 1995 you couldn’t get ventilated massaging seats, adaptive cruise control or smartphone mirroring help.
Smartphones didn’t even exist back then.
Yes, kids, there was a time before the iPhone.
We’re here with our very first look at the Apple iPhone.
I just wish it was a standalone iPod over the phone.
You can bet the next quarter century is going to be even more transformative Now I’m not sure if cars wheel have spherical light up wheels look like roadgoing smoking lounges, or feature wacky steering wheels that move all over the place, but technological advancements will revolutionise how we get around.
Modern Frankenstein.
Of course, nobody really knows what the future holds.
But right now I see two things dominating the automotive industry and that is electrification.
And autonomy or self driving cars.
Now these two technologies promised to change everything.
Once people drive electric vehicles, they tend to not look back.
And once that starts happening, you know, you’re gonna have quiet, efficient and crazy fun.
Vehicles to drive.
Now even though they do not work for all drivers in every location electrics are the future providing instant torque, zero tailpipe emissions and smooth nearly silent operation now they have a ton of benefits compared to internal combustion, something that will drive demand in the future when you include All of the electrification so mild hybrid, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, fuel cell Ev by 2030 all of that, that will make up the majority of new car sales.
Obviously 2030 is only 10 years into the future not 25, but the trend is clear, electrified vehicles are going to get more and more popular.
What percentage of new vehicle sales they’ll account for in 2045 is anyone’s guess, but I bet it’ll be a lot, especially as battery technology advances.
Lithium ion is state of the art today, but maybe nickel metal plutonium chemistry or lithium sawdust will revolutionize EBS in 25 years, who knows?
I would absolutely expect something next that takes us into into an area where we don’t worry about charging time and we don’t worry about range.
And I think when that happens, that’s where we get the The hockey stick growth curve of electric vehicles and really become a mainstream product.
Even as the world goes electric, old fashioned petroleum burning power plants are far from dead.
So don’t start writing that obituary just yet.
But internal combustion engines are not going away between now and 2050.
They will be, A significantly reduced percentage of the market but you’ll still be able to buy them.
Whether it’s a huge diesel engine in an over the road truck or a plug in hybrid powertrain in some family friendly crossover, internal combustion is expected to remain a viable power train source.
For many years to come,
Driven compressor 31,000 RPM .>>Curiously, one propulsion system that’s unlikely to gain traction is the hydrogen fuel cell.
Now Bob Carlin and Jeff all seem to agree that this technology, it’s really not going to take off not at least before 2045.
It’s funny in the industry this has probably been going on for 20 years, we’ve always joked that hydrogen is the 10 year out technology, and it keeps moving 10 years out.
So in our forecast, it’s very, very small part of the market is where it’s gonna place itself.
Wouldn’t it’s not even in like mercial vehicle really is in that medium to heavy duty truck.
That’s where you see it’s gonna have the most man.
Now nothing against hydrogen fuel cells.
But as battery technology continues to improve fuel cells make less and less sense especially in personal vehicles.
Turn it back on.>> Okay, aside from alternative propulsion systems autonomy is another major topic these days.
So in the future you’ll be able to punch a destination into your vehicle and it will just drive you there without you having to lift a finger.
I mean, that’s the dream but when that becomes a reality That’s debatable.
Level five or fully autonomous vehicles is kind of like a moonshot.
I mean, a lot has to happen.
And mapping and navigation and sensing and artificial intelligence and machine learning all these things To make that viable for general use.
We’re all set for auto control.
Well, on Firebird two, you’re now under automatic control, hands off steering We expect about one in four vehicles being sold in 2035 of the autonomous vehicle and by that we mean either l four l five so the fully the vehicle second fully drive themselves Today the best we’ve got is level two plus which is like Cadillac supercruise.
Now don’t get me wrong supercruise is super good, but you can’t just set it and forget it like you can some other things,
set it and forget.
For many autonomy is the dream but even self driving cars are subject to traffic and other delays.
One different technology could sidestep these problems all together.
Can’t forget, can’t leave out flying cars.
And here’s another streamlined model.
It only needs a pair of wings to be at home in the sky.
And on the possibility of a vertical takeoff vehicle that’s electrified has some possibilities.
Certain scenarios.
Flying cars as ridiculous as those sounds they could possibly just might be a thing in the next 25 years.
The ability to jump over freeway congestion or fly into remote areas is frankly intriguing.
This aircraft takes off from wherever you happen to be wise directly to where you want to go and lands there.>> It doesn’t yet but it’s Mike one day
If flying cars ever do become a thing they better damn well be autonomous.
I mean, most drivers can’t even use their turn signals properly.
How could you ever expect them to handle an aircraft.
It looks like a success of the experts spot a problem with engine number eight.
So much has changed over the last 25 years but from electrification to self driving cars to hydrogen fuel cells [SOUND] Well, maybe not those, but still there is a lot to be excited about in the next 25 years.
I mean, we’re we’re a long ways away from the Jetsons.
But we’re closer to the Jetsons than we are to the Flintstones.

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