January 17, 2021
We unbox the iPhone 12, 12 Pro and a bunch of MagSafe goodies - Video

We unbox the iPhone 12, 12 Pro and a bunch of MagSafe goodies – Video

I have the iPhone 12 I have the iPhone 12 Pro and I have a bunch of magsafe accessories.
Okay, just to be completely clear because of things like the time space continuum video and deadlines.
This unboxing video is coming out the same day as my review of the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro which you can watch right now.
Well, I recommend sticking around with the unboxing because it could be pretty cool.
But then watch the review All right, let’s get to it so I don’t need this because Apple products
Okay, so what I got here, this is the 256 gigabytes blue iPhone 12 And this is the 512 gigabytes blue or Pacific blue iPhone 12 Pro.
On the back of the box it says the iPhone 12 is in here.
It also says a USBC to lightning cable is in here.
Then it says power adapter and headphones sold separately.
Here’s an iPhone SE box that came out earlier this year.
And you could see that it is much bigger than this iPhone 12 box despite the phone being smaller.
So, iPhone SE goodbye.
Let’s open up this iPhone 12 by the way the box has that Embossed graphic of the iPhones on them just like the iPhone SE box.
All right, that that looks slick.
So this is the iPhone 12 in blue okay.
That’s a little different so as opposed to there being a clear film on the front there’s like this paper one on the papers like little icons for the silence button.
Volume Up volume down power button and lightning on the bottom.
Also in the box is that advertise USBC to lightning cable.
I think this is great, for one reason because it’s gonna allow you some fast charging, but we’ll talk about that in a second.
And then there’s this little apple paper wallet here.
It’s got a SIM card tool.
It’s got some directionally things and of course, an apple sticker.
We have the box there, this, the phone, and we have the other box top.
There we go, three, two, one, peel.
This reminds me of Like fake tattoos kinda like the backing on one of those.
It’s kind of crazy.
Let’s do the iPhone 12 pro se 11 Pro I’m so used to seeing 11 let’s give this a try here.
Okay, wow, that was.
They both look really slick What can I say?
Yeah, and this has the paper front as well with the icons on it.
And again we have that USBC cable in here.
Nothing extra and a little lovely Apple wallet.
Again, with The sticker, ready
My goodness.
Okay let’s get to these volunteers.
So this my right hand has the iPhone 12 my left hand has the iPhone 12 Pro and as you can see they are the exact same size They’re the same color technically.
They’re different because one is blue and one has a blue finish.
Blue finish, blue.
The other big difference obviously the iPhone 12 has two rear cameras a wide and ultra wide and the iPhone 12 Pro has a wide, ultra wide, Lidar which doesn’t tell if you’re lying, but it can help with focus.
It can help with distinguishing depth of objects for Ar for like video and photo effects.
So that’s pretty exciting.
The other big difference is the size of this r squared off which I think looks amazing.
The sides on the 12th are made of aluminum Kind of a matte aluminum and the sides of the 12 Pro are stainless steel and it’s polished and it looks really good.
All right.
Now one of the things I like about this design is it reminds me the iPhone five reminds you of the iPhone five s the iPhone S II and I have an odd iPhone SE here and my favorite thing to do is do a lot of filming with us.
It can stand up on its own.
I love that I absolutely love this design.
In fact, I was joking that in another video on the suit here too, that it kind of looks to me like if Apple took the iPhone 11 and the iPhone SE or the iPhone five or five x, whatever your flavor and kind of combined them, you would get one of these.
All right, so this is the iPhone 11 It also has a 6.1 inch screen.
And you can see here, here’s the Pro.
Again, it’s just a little more, you know, kind of one more belt a little more tight, a little bit thicker it looks like but I can’t tell that’s just an optical illusion because of the curved edges that 11.
Alright, just put that aside.
So a couple other things here.
So here’s the power button, and then here are these like cutouts here, and the cut up for people who like Android phones like myself.
It makes me think that there is a side fingerprint reader in here, I know there isn’t, it just reminds me of one but I’m wondering if the cutout must be for some of the antennas.
They did say that this design is all about 5G and both phones have Support for sub six 5g and both phones have support for millimeter wave 5g which is impressive especially when you consider they’re a couple hundred dollars apart.
Let’s get to some accessories.
So the big thing Apple announced is the return of Maxi if you guys remember magsafe used to be on like on the Mac books, the laptops and stuff and it had magnets to hold the power cable in and if you tripped over a guy will tug Would pop off as opposed to pulling your beautiful laptop to the ground and getting destroyed at Starbucks.
Remember that?
Well, they’re taking that magnet formula and the name and applying it to the iPhone now.
So on the backs of these iPhones, we already have where the star team had it for a while, but they’ve repositioned the magnets into strategic places.
So that way it can get optimized positioning on certain accessories aka magsafe and that can provide more efficient charging.
So what I’m gonna do, I’m not gonna spend an hour opening fuse boxes and make it all dramatic.
I’m just gonna take these out so we can take a look at some of these accessories.
Now we are talking, I found the film.
I know some people love that sound.
This is a 20 watt charger.
This could plug right into the iPhones with the included cable which is really cool.
But you gotta buy this and this is $19.
This is the magsafe charger.
It kind of looks like some sorta sci fi like some sorta like future space fashion show here.
Hello lobby.
All right I’m stop this kind of turning into Carrot Top here.
Not cool.
So the idea of MagSafe is, it’s good to have a better position of your phone so you accurately get an efficient charge all the time.
So you’re gonna have the iPhone 12 here, and we’re putting MagSafe right there.
I don’t have it plugged in the power yet.
We’ll do that later.
Wow, that [LAUGH] sounds a satisfying click.
That’s like a two stage click.
That’s really nice.
And it feels really strong.
I don’t know how much time would do this for my iPhone.
And then there are these cases.
So here’s a clear case and again, the cases have a pacsafe ring in it, and it does a couple things.
First of all, it allows it to securely hold the phone in the case, but then you could actually put a magsafe charger on the back of the case and some other things which we can take a look at.
So here let’s throw this on the.
Let’s do this here.
Now, let’s say I want to charge it with the case on
Such a satisfying click noise.
So that would work with a case on a here’s another case, this one’s a silicone case.
And again, if you could see there’s like the magsafe ring right in there.
And again, just try it.
And practice the most interesting accessory is this little guy which is a magsafe wallet.
And the idea is this can attach to the case.
Ready set.
And what’s cool about this.
If you’re ended detachment wallets and who’s not is it can do it with the case.
But you could also do it without the case.
So here it is without the case.
The last thing I want to leave you with before we set up is let’s turn one of these on.
Are you ready?
Set, go.
There we go.
We got the Apple logo there and put it this way too.
Okay, so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take a pause here, and we get one of these phones fully set up and then we’ll walk you through setting up the other phone.
So things might look a little different but might be better.
So, all right through some magic of editing, perhaps there was a lunch in there somewhere.
The iPhone 12 Pro is all set up.
And so what I’m gonna do here is I want to set up the iPhone 12 for you.
So first thing I’ll do is unlock here, pick my language, and you can see immediately what pops up is on The phone that’s already set up, says suddenly phone.
It has my apple id email here so I can use that to do it automatically.
And that’s pretty nice.
I’m gonna hit Continue.
I did this earlier from the iPhone 11 to the iPhone 12 not saying hold on Your new phone up to the camera.
So I’m gonna actually just take the this phone and there’s all these blue dots and it just before I can even describe it went away, finish on new phone.
So enter the passcode of the other phone.
So a little privacy here.
So now we get to set up face ID.
So let’s do that real quick.
Some people have problems getting their face ID to work.
All right, look at this.
Let me put this back down so you could actually look at it.
So it’s transferred data from Patrick’s iPhone.
So that’s the new iPhone app set up here.
Estimated time for transfer 10 to 15 minutes.
Yeah, by the way.
Camera bump, Morse code.
Settings from other phone continue.
It’s going to copy the settings.
Put them on that phone.
Continue again.
And now it says look at the screen magic.
Okay, the old phone wink wink says transferring data.
The new phone says transferring data from Patrick’s iPhone.
That’s fantastic.
All right now the original old phone aka the iPhone 12 Pro, that setup is done and now the new phone, the iPhone 12 Is doing its Apple logo and waiting to get stuff over okay here we go so the new iPhone has restarted now no SIM card installed that makes sense we don’t have one up let’s let’s test out this face ID all right looks good.
Well you look at that the exact same no game Homescreen on both phones now.
While we’re at it, the only other thing I can think to say is check out those videos on how to do it all channel.
We’re gonna have more going over more features.
Check out my in depth review video for both of these phones that is live right now.
And also I want to hear from you guys.
What do you think of these new phones?
What do you think those smaller boxes?
What do you think of not having that power brick?
Is it just a lot of people are saying it’s just a money move on Apple’s part, is it just that or is there maybe some like environmental positivity happening there?
I want to hear what you think.
Throw your thoughts in the comments.
Thanks for watching.

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