March 8, 2021
We unbox and go hands-on with the Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra - Video

We unbox and go hands-on with the Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra – Video

I just got the Galaxy S 21.
Let’s take a look.
All right, here’s a gaseous 21 and here is the Galaxy S 21 Ultra and what’s this little guy?
It is a Samsung Galaxy smart tag let’s unbox.
Let’s unbox guys.
So let’s start with the Galaxy S21.
If you haven’t heard these are the follow-up to the Galaxy S20 series that came out last year.
So, let’s see here, you know.
Here we go.
Right there.
First thing I got is a little plastic index card has a little QR code on it.
I put that there.
And then wow, okay, here’s the phone.
Just put this Hear from now.
All right, let’s get a little envelope in here.
And we got this guy here.
So, on the back is a SIM card tool.
All right, let’s see we got here.
Open that up
All right Samsung Quick start guide and I have a cable.
It’s a USB-C cable, and nothing else.
Yeah, so yeah, not a lot of things in the box if you haven’t realized quite yet what’s going on last year starting with the Galaxy Note 20 launch they stopped including wired headphones the box.
So that’s why you don’t see those And this year, starting with the launch of this phone, they stopped including wall chargers in the box.
So now you just get the cable, which I guess is better than nothing, right?
So far, this is what you get.
You got the phone Documentation and the USBC cable [LAUGH] .I’m laughing because it’s not.
Alright, let’s get to good stuff.
Let’s get to the thoughts.
I’m gonna clean this up.
Alright, so let’s get to the nitty gritty here, which is the phone.
Oh, wow.
And immediately we know it’s a little different.
It’s got a different look to it.
to toe wingtips those cars with like two different color stripes on it I mean name your comparison for like art deco maybe I don’t know.
I mean the camera bump alone is is reminds me of a Lego for some reason I don’t know why I mean I know why but What’s not supposed to?
[BLANK AUDIO]Cool so here we have in the Galaxy S 21 the brand new Galaxy S 21 the sides of it kind of have a copper look to it.That copper look goes around the sides and continues up to The camera bump.
The only thing on the back of this phone is the word Samsung.
And I happen to have a Galaxy S 20.
So here they are side by side.
So I have the Galaxy S 20 on the left, the Galaxy S 21 on the right.
This costs $1,000 This cost $800 $200 less.
Now how do they get from 1000 to $800?
Well, they made some compromises and sometimes word compromise is a bad word and I don’t think it is here for example on the back of last year’s phone was Gorilla Glass five, but on the back of this phone it’s plastic is plastic reinforced but doesn’t feel like those like hollowed out.
Phone’s from 2012, 2014, where you can feel the hollowness of the plastic.
It feels good and the finish on it looks fabulous.
Let’s talk about a few things they have in common.
One, they have the exact same cameras, hardware at least.
Some of that has been improved on the software in which we’re excited to take a look at.
They both have a USB port but they do not have a headphone jack.
I think the biggest thing I’ve noticed with the phones is, it seems to me like the S20 and the S20 plus that Samsung was really pushing them to be Very, very premium phones and they just kind of dialed it back a bit.
So it’s a little more of that kind of going from a mid range into a premium phone where it’s still a very nice phone but it’s not gonna break the bank still has a lot of nice features, but.
It’s kind of been pulled off the top shelf and brought back down to the table level.
So let’s take a look at the S21 Ultra.
F21 Ultra time so this is the big boy just like the S21.
This is also $200 less in the United States.
Than it was last year so it’s supposed to be 14 $100 is 12 $100.
Let’s open it up.
So again we have the lovely black box.
Again like the 21 just kind of this little plastic divider thing is a Samsung on it.
And here it is.
Man, this this.
Yeah, this is like a small weapon.
Awesome, and then we got our little paper box insert here again, the box completely empty.
So let’s see we got it here.
Guess similar to we had the other box.
Alright so we have a little quickstart guide.
Also we have a USBC cable and an empty box.
Again, just like yesterday one, no wired headphones, no wall charger.
Let’s put this back in here.
Let’s get back to the phone.
All right.
Yes x. Man, very excited about the sun.
Clearly I have the Phantom black color of the phone.
Literally on the back is just Samsung and again, who has a fingerprint problem not Samsung.
Maybe they did before but not this year.
I like the aesthetic of the s 21.
The way it looks the way it doesn’t Gather fingerprints, the camera bump.
If you didn’t think the Galaxy S 20 Ultra camera book was big enough, well neat the Galaxy S 21 because it is actually larger.
Let’s talk about the screen there’s a lot going on.
First we have a 1.77 times larger optical fingerprint reader, which can bode well for people with big hands.
The screen is brighter Samsung’s claiming it’s 25% brighter.
It also has a higher contrast.
So think of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, think of the iPhone 12 Pro MAX, their screens have a two million to one contrast ratio.
This screen has a three million to one contrast ratio.
What does that mean?
Well, I don’t know.
I think colors should look better.
The shading should look better.
So I’m pretty excited to try this out and see what that does along with 120 hertz refresh rate along with the brighter screen to be exciting.
But another exciting feature they added the screen is SPN support.
It doesn’t support the Bluetooth and some of the functionality the SPN tab But as far as as a stylist can do that, so if I want, I can use it right on the screen here.
Okay, so the S Pen support is actually pretty exciting that it comes to this phone.
A couple things that the S Pen again doesn’t come with one.
You can either use an old one or you can buy a new one that bleeder $40.
Also, since there’s no place to store an S Pen, Samsung is actually going to sell a case with S Pen storage.
That’s pretty exciting.
So This is the new Galaxy S21 Ultra.
This is the brand new Galaxy S21.
And wait, what’s this?
What’s this off to the side here?
It’s a Galaxy smart tag.
So maybe you’ve heard a little bit about these.
Maybe you don’t I would compare it to something like a tiled tracker.
So what I can do is I can attach this to a bag or my keys and I miss locate that object.
This will communicate with my phone.
And it will be two versions of this one which I believe works on Bluetooth, and there should be a plus model that works with The Ultra wideband on the S 21 plus and the S 21.
Alright, so unbox that.
Wow, it’s almost like the size of a key [INAUDIBLE] almost.
So it’s not the smallest thing but it’s not huge either.
So that is my unboxing of the Galaxy S 21.
Galaxy S 21 Ultra, the galaxy smart tag, and this is just an old stylus I had from like a no phone so, but make sure you check out I’m gonna have more as a review each of these phones, photos, videos from the phones, my experience testing them battery life Look at that smart tag.
Add this device to smart things, I’m gonna hit Add now and it says sign into Samsung account, so I have some account stuff to set up but I’m gonna leave you with this guys.
I’m really excited about these phones, especially the Galaxy S21 Ultra looks amazing in person.
Thank you.
[LAUGH] It interrupts me but it looks amazing in person, but check out for more on both these phones, especially in the coming weeks as I get to test and try them out for real.
Alright, let’s get back to doodling.

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