October 23, 2020
Wayfair Way Day sale: The best kitchen and cookware deals we've found

Wayfair Way Day sale: The best kitchen and cookware deals we’ve found

You know all about Amazon Prime Day — CNET on Tuesday reported that it’s coming on Oct. 13 — but before any of that, Wayfair’s Way Day is popping off to grab our attention with major deals on luxury cookware, kitchen gadgets, home decor, tabletop trappings and much more. Way Day begins today with big discounts happening in all categories, but we’re zeroing in on the best Way Day kitchen and cookware deals. Those include our favorite enameled cast-iron cookware, Dutch ovens, small kitchen appliances, along with modern dinnerwarestorage containers and more. 

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Best of all, shipping is free on all of it, so take a gander at our top kitchen and cookware deals from Wayfair’s Way Day sale, happening now. 


If you’re ready to dive headfirst into cast-iron cooking (and you totally should) this three-piece set for under $30 is a great place to start. It scores high marks in verified-purchase reviews and ships out for free.


If you’re like me and bake a little but not a lot, this smaller, more affordable stand mixer might be perfect. It won’t take up as much space as a KitchenAid and still scores very high marks in user reviews for mixing bread, cake and cookie dough with ease.


This stoneware dinnerware set for four is perfect for the modern minimalist. It’s available in five colors, including this slate gray and millennial pink.

Organize your tea and coffee setup with three matching metal jars with undeniable vintage charm. 


Staub is one of the true premier luxury French cookware brands and this Staub 3.75-quart Dutch oven will be one of those pots you find excuses to use every day. Enameled cast iron is both extremely easy to clean and holds heat incredibly well for braises, roasts, stews and the like. It’s available in eight colors.


Lodge is the go-to cast-iron cookware brand and we are heading full-steam into its prime season. When the gas grill gets put away, cast iron comes out to perfectly sear steaks, burgers, chicken or even a crispy batch of breakfast potatoes.

When is Way Day and how long does it last?

This massive Wayfair sales event kicks off today, Wednesday, Sept. 23, and runs through the end of Thursday, Sept. 24. That’s two full days of kitchen and cookware deals. Check back on this post tomorrow when we’ll slot in more of the best deals.

What about shipping on Way Day?

The news only gets better: Way Day deals include free shipping. That means everything, even lower-priced items that don’t usually qualify on their own. Bargain hunters rejoice!

Will certain items sell out?

As with Prime Day, some of the best Way Day kitchen deals will have limited inventory so don’t assume something that is on sale today will still be in stock and available on Thursday.

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