February 25, 2021
Watch Intel compare its processor against AMD: Import and export video comparison - Video

Watch Intel compare its processor against AMD: Import and export video comparison – Video

Not only does a PC serve as our remote office and remote school.
It’s also a private movie theater our E-Sports arena our family reunions and our Friday night happy hour.
With so many people relying on the PC.
We want to make it the best tool for helping people stay connected and do the things that matter most to them.
That all starts with delivering a world leading CPU, the heart of every PC, and then building on that experience by driving innovation across the entire PC platform.
Today, I’m excited to be here to share how we’re doing just that across our consumer lineup, starting with our Intel Evo platform and extending to our gaming segment.
You heard from GB earlier, about the incredible momentum we’ve seen since the launch for our 11 gen Intel core processors, and the Intel Evo platform.
Together, they represent more than 170 designs, that deliver the choice people want.
And, the real magic, is when you see what these PCs can do for you.
Kenny is here to show you.
Thanks, Chris.
With 11th Gen core we introduced a CPU built on our super fan technology that delivers industry leading performance and frequencies up to 4.8 gigahertz.
We wowed people with our integrated GPU design on our XC graphics architecture.
We delivered breakthrough industry leading AI performance.
Integrated Thunderbolt 4 and Wi-Fi 6 for the best wired and wireless connectivity.
The result, a powerful computing experience that meets the demands of all of your real world needs whatever they may be.
Here we have two systems.
The one on the left is powered by amds our seven processor and the one on the right is powered by our 11th Gen Intel Core i seven processor On both systems, we set up a simulated workload that consists of a common task for creators, importing, editing, and then exporting a video.
A few years ago, a task like this would have been impossible on a thin and light laptop.
So let’s see how these systems deliver.
The Intel system has four cores, but with enhanced AI capabilities, it’s able to speed through the workload nearly 1.3 times faster than the competitors A core system.
It’s clear the best experience is powered by Intel.

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