December 1, 2020
Wait to download iOS 14 - Video

Wait to download iOS 14 – Video

Apple dropped a surprise iOS 14 update, and you should hold off on installing it maybe for at least a month.
App developers are warning that their apps could be glitchy because Apple only gave one day’s notice of the release of a major update to the iPhone and iPad operating systems.
On Tuesday Apple presented new Apple watches and a new iPad air and then chief executive Tim Cook at the end of the presentation also said, iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 were launching the next day.
Now in the past, Apple usually gives a week notice about an operating system update, so developers are accustomed to having several days to make sure apps work well with the new features.
Even though the beta for iOS 14 has been out for testing since June.
Developers are complaining They don’t have enough time to do proper bug checks or submit apps that support the final build that includes developers like Nintendo the game Animal Crossing pocket Camp will not work for anyone who updates to IOS 14 Nintendo warned Gamers on Twitter that the app will not open and IOS 14 it is working on fixing the issue within the month.
As first reported by the BBC, developers also took to Twitter to voice issues and express how shocked they are that it happened without warning.
developers need time to check their apps against the final versions of these mobile operating systems.
So it’s possible that even an app that works well in beta may not work correctly in a final version, so I would be keen to wait for a 14.1 release.
Here is Apple once again, loving up a major iOS release and creating a potential problematic experience for us consumers.
Remember the iOS 10 update bug that bricked some iPhones?
And you would think after developers complained about a very glitchy Iowa’s 13 experience that Apple would have taken a breath with this one.
Now as a good rule of thumb.
Do not be eager to download and instal a new major iOS update right away.
At least wait a day or two and see if there are any major issues being reported and you will want to backup your phone just in case.

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