January 26, 2021
Vote with your wallet and learn which candidates your favorite brands support - Video

Vote with your wallet and learn which candidates your favorite brands support – Video

To become a more conscious consumer, you have to do your homework to understand more about the companies you support.
Here are some tools to help you get clarity on a company’s political donations and affiliations.
The website goods Unitas is a great place to start, type in a company you’d like and see which percent of the charitable giving from the company and top executives.
Is to which political party.
You could even dig deeper to see which specific candidates, receive contributions.
And then even alternative brands in that category, to support goods unite us even has an easy to use and free app for fat checking on the go.
Progressive shopper.com is aimed at exactly what it sounds like the more liberal minded consumer.
The website works in a similar way with detailed reports on corporate contributions.
It will even flag what they consider to be serious issues for their base.
Like who is a fox news advertiser and who enables Donald Trump.
Progressive shopper even has a Firefox browser extension that will alert you if you’re visiting the webpage of a company that doesn’t align with their progressive values.
And finally track your company is a dense data driven site with an abundance of corporate giving information.
It’s not as user friendly as the others but great for consumers who want to take a deep dive.
Of course, looking at Get donations with such a macro lens doesn’t always give you the full picture but at least it’s a starting point to do your own research.
I’m Kara Tsuboi with CNET for CBS News.

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