November 1, 2020
Vizio V21 is the budget '20s soundbar to beat - Video

Vizio V21 is the budget ’20s soundbar to beat – Video

The new Vizio v 21 is the same price as the original one at the booth $179 but it’s had a bit of spirit and polishing the time since.
This is a 36 inch wide soundbar which comes with a compact wireless subwoofer.
It’s a 2.1 channel system but sadly you can’t add surround speakers later.
The most noticeable change is that in 2020, the colour scheme is all black instead of silver It now comes with an A CMI IRC port.
This makes it easier to connect to your TV especially if you have a smart TV with onboard apps.
If you don’t, there’s also an optical connection.
The Other options include Bluetooth USB 3.5 millimeter input and a new 3.5 mil for your.
Amazon echo dot.
The idea is that you connect your smart speaker to this port and it automatically ducks or lowers the volume so I can hear your commands.
However, I’m not as big a fan of this feature, because I’d rather keep the assistant closer to my seating position.
Not having interrupted TV when I’m asking it a question.
The soundbar offers a series of controls across the top, including input selection, Bluetooth and volume control.
The display has been updated and it now changes color according to the input and no more guessing what the dots and dashes mean.
The remote that comes with the soundbar is functional and relatively easy to use.
Now while I don’t have a 3621 for direct comparisons, the V 21 is just as even killed as I remember the old one.
Is also capable of going quietly Loud without distorting the problem for videos that since the appearance of the 3621 there have been a wealth of high performance soundbars, creative Yamaha and poke.
The other features like HDMI and echo connectors are great, but there was a lot of competition at this price.
And it’s possible to get better sound by spending an extra 100 bucks.
That said this soundbar updates to 3621 in meaningful ways.
Still sounds great.
The video free 21 is a relatively inexpensive soundbar and a great way to upgrade your TVs.

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