January 22, 2021
Verizon CEO talks 5G at 2020 iPhone event - Video

Verizon CEO talks 5G at 2020 iPhone event – Video

Every decade there’s a new generation of technology that provides a step change in what we can do with our iPhones.
The next generation is here.
Today is the beginning of a new era for iPhone.
Today we’re bringing 5G iPhone.
This is a huge moment for all of us and we’re really excited.
5G will bring a new level of performance for downloads and uploads, higher quality video streaming, mire responsive gaming, real time interactivity and so much more 5G networks are more advanced with lower latency and less Network congestion.
So you can get higher network speeds even in densely populated areas.
And 5G even helps protect your privacy and security since you won’t need to connect to unknown unsecured public Wi-Fi hotspots as often.
Each generation of cellular network technology on iPhone has enabled breakthrough innovations and entirely new opportunities for our developers and our users.
And 5G is the most exciting step yet for so many people, this all becomes real with 5G coming to iPhone.
As you know iPhone provides seamless integration of world class hardware and world class software.
What you may not know about, is the incredible collaboration between Apple and our carrier partners around the world to ensure iPhone users get the best possible experience.
We’re fortunate today to have one of our closest partners join us.
I’d like to welcome Hans Vestberg, chairman and CEO of Verizon here to Apple park.
Hans, this really is a big day and our teams have done some amazing work together.
I want to thank you, and the whole Apple team, for a fantastic collaboration leading up to this historic moment.
Until now, most people have taken wait-and-see approach to 5G.
They’ve been waiting for 5G to get real.
With the network coverage they expect, the incredible performance they have been promised, and the devices they love.
Well today with iPhone the wait is over.
5G just got real.
Of course, what’s the most exciting part for me as a guy who has worked in network in 25 plus years.
The fact that for the first time ever iPhone can now access the liaisons 5G ultra wideband.
It’s build with large quantities of millimetres wave spectrum That enable unprecedented performance five years to wideband has already been recognized as being the fastest Fida in the world and it’s getting even faster.
Our five year network now gives you double the peak download speeds over four gigabits per second today in ideal conditions and even higher over time.
And double the upload speeds at over 200 megabits per second.
So whatever you’re watching high definition movie or you’re planning business workflows with real time, augumented reality, you can be sure that there’s no faster fight anywhere on earth five-year-olds are wide, but also massive capacity.
We’re building it to help remove bottlenecks in crowded places where thousands of people that use their phones at the same time, one day we’ll be safely back in those places.
And so we’re near it.
Doubling our 5g enabled stadiums, venues, airports, train stations.
Highliting up some of the business locations in the concrete.
This enables amazing things like reinventing the instate brand experience with our NFL partners, the new Verizon five D super stadium.
Experience in the NFL app let’s fan.
See, and feel the action from up to seven camera angles.
Including views from players eyes and an immersive augmented reality like never before we’re excited for NFL to be rolling this out too many stadiums through the course of the season and finally find the Ultra widened provides you with super low latency.
So experience like multiplayer gaming, see like they’re happening in near real time, freed from the confines of your home together with Apple, Verizon has partnered, we’d run all the world’s leading gaming companies for some exciting news use that you’ll hear about later today to make these incredible experience available to more people.
We’re doubling down on our fastest network, the 5G Ultra Wideband.
With double the coverage in existing cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and expanding into new cities like Philadelphia and San Francisco with 60 cities by year end.
In addition to our 5G ultra wide band network, we have an extensive fiber network.
And today we’re excited to announce that Verizon is turning on our 5G nationwide network, reaching more than 200 million people across more than 1,800 cities and towns.
So all the pieces have now come together the coverage you’ll find a nationwide there unprecedent performance or 5g Ultra wideband in more and more cities the reliability you expect from Verizon.
But first find the iPhone on the 5g America’s been waiting for.
We can finally say 5g just got real
Hans, this is definitely the start of something big.
Thank you for joining us and thank you for all the great work we’re doing together.
We are very excited about 5G on iPhone and we’re going to introduce 5G across our entire lineup of new iPhone models today.

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