December 3, 2020
Vanity plates: Love or hate? - Video

Vanity plates: Love or hate? – Video

Vanity license plates, you either love them or you hate them.
And they’re what we’re talking about on this episode of AutoComplete, with my guests Steven Yuing and Andrew Crock.
By the way, if you are enjoying the new format or you have suggestions for topics that maybe we should cover next Let us know, we’re talking vanity license plates.
And even outside of the car community they’re pretty divisive.
It shows a lot of hubris, I think, to put one on your car personally.
But there are some clever ones.
What do you guys think?
Are you for or against them?
And which Particular subset maybe are you the most against?
Well seeing as how Mr. Ewing is going to take the, surprise surprise, contrarian position I will take the side of pro because I actually am pro vanity plate.
I don’t want to sound cheesy but the world could use a laugh or two.
And they are to me is nothing more handy charcoal worthy than driving down the street and seeing a Ford Escape in from of me with the license plate Hot G Ma, which is a true story.
All right.
Which again is the weird kind of focus point of vanity plates at least in the mid-west.
There seems to be a lot of freedom at the DMV as to what you can and can’t Put on your plate and people here, people are kind of creative.
I’ve seen a couple of beat up pickup trucks with like mud related plates.
And, I think they’re, I think they’re just a fun little expression of, personalization.
I’m not completely contrary and I think that vanity plates have the potential to be good.
And there are some very clever ones like a friend from Colorado pointed out the one that it says kids first on the bottom because that’s the plate and the vanity plate says eat the so like.
I forgot about that.>> I think that there are these.
To do funny things, but I genuinely don’t like the ones where so I was getting on the freeway today and or the car in front of me had a plate that said 992 C4S because it was a new 992 generation car.
Carrera 4S, which the car literally says 911 Carrera 4S on the back of it, and then right below it you have that.
That means nothing to me.
So he didn’t pay to remove the badges and then have his license plate be the badge.
He was just expressing himself.
But that’s That’s a no cost option, sir.
Right, right, I mean, there are stupid ones, you’re right.
And there are plenty of stupid ones, but-
But I see it’s-
The good ones are worth the bad ones.
I see a lot of those around Los Angeles.
There’s a ANGGT63 that says exactly that on its plate that I saw not too long ago.
The other thing I see all the time are all of the like ridiculously smug vanity plates that are put on TVs mostly Tesla’s that say like lol oil, like just stupid stuff like that where that’s not funny.
That’s not creative I don’t like those.
There are some I’ve left that over the years My favorite to this day.
There’s someone driving around Michigan in a Volkswagen Golf R with the plate that says golf GRS.
Which that’s my favorite.
One ever.
That’s pretty good.
Well I guess I know what I’m doing this weekend.
I will be hunting down [UNKNOWN].
Yeah, but most of them, I’m just not into it.
It’s like if you’re not gonna make it at least somewhat clever or if If it’s one of those vanity plates where I have to stop and stare at it and try to figure out what it is then like I just don’t know.
Right not into it.
For me it costs it costs so much to do it.
Just save your money.
That’s fair.
The V ones are really like those are the most egregious offenders like those are the ones that are almost universally bad.>> I think there’s a fine line to ride between putting a vanity plate on your car that’s meant to make people laugh and putting a vanity car on your plate that’s just meant to make you feel self important.
I think Twitter calls that virtue signalling.
And I.
Yeah,>> but here’s the thing.
I’ve got a I’ve got a plan.
I’ve got a plan to fix this.
When I become king, you see, what I’m going to do is I’m going to allow people with Ivey’s to submit requests for vanity plates.
And you know how there’s like on the DMV website, there’s like the plate checker.
You can make sure it’s not taken.
Anybody that puts a maker model a vehicle that puts an electric vehicle, when they put they’re trying to the plate checker is just gonna automatically say it’s taken.
And then it’s gonna add that name to a database, which will then live somewhere deep in a dark computer vault somewhere in California and that license plate will be banned forever.
I’d vote for that policy.
And then we will slowly read the world of smug Evie license plates, which isn’t to say Emmys are great.
So I just want to make that clear big fan but vanity plates on them.
Hardpart Yeah, he’s a awesome, but I don’t I just don’t like the awful plates that people put on them because I really think they’re so clever.
We’re saving the earth.
And also just to be clear, vanity plates totally different than the special interest plates that you can get, you know, different places.
Those are fine especially like in California where the money from them goes.
To a designated charity.
I’m pretty much for that.
That’s it for this episode, roadshows autocomplete.
I’ve been Kyle Hyatt, you’ve been just tremendous and I’d ask you to avail yourself of the like, subscribe and notification buttons if you dig what we’re doing here.
Until next time, stay healthy, stay home, wash your damn hands.

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