January 22, 2021
US government sues Google, iPhone 12 reviews are in - Video

US government sues Google, iPhone 12 reviews are in – Video

This is c/net and here are the stories that matter this week.
US Justice Department is officially suing Google, accusing the tech giant of illegally holding monopolies an online search and search advertising.
In the landmark lawsuit which is more than a year in the making.
US government alleges Google acted as the gatekeeper for the internet.
Violating antitrust laws.
In a statement Google call the legal action deeply flawed, adding that people use Google because they choose to, not because they’re forced to, but because they can’t find alternatives.
Just six months after launching a streaming service kwibi is shutting down.
The Wall Street Journal reports the company consulted with a restructuring firm Is ultimately choosing to shutter could be raised $1.75 billion in startup capital, but subscribers never materialized when the service launched in April of 2020, and other studios were reportedly uninterested in a purchase of the platform.
Finally, reviews for the iPhone 12 are in, Apple’s new flagship phone is winning praise for its 5g connectivity, sleek square sided design that throws back to the iPhone five and nifty magsafe accessories cnet’s Review also called out great low light photography and video on the iPhone 12 as well and if you’re looking for a more affordable device, the smaller iPhone 12 Mini also packs a lot of the great features that the 12 does.
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