March 1, 2021
US adds DJI to restricted list, Santa gets the vaccine - Video

US adds DJI to restricted list, Santa gets the vaccine – Video

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The US Commerce Department has added drone maker DJI chip maker smsa and dozens of other Chinese companies to its entity list on Friday.
Being added to the list restricts companies from exporting us technology without a licence, with Chinese telecom Huawei having been on the list Since May 2019.
It’s unclear why DJI was added but drone DJ suggested it was as a result of the company’s reported work for the Chinese government.
After last Friday’s announcement from Vice President Mike Pence that members of the US space force will be called guardians.
Marvel fans online have responded with no uncertain amount Confusion and mockery, thanks to the similarity between the name and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.
Director James Gunn was one of the first to reference the choice.
Jokingly asking on Twitter if they could sue for the name.
Fans of the video game destiny also took note as guardians is also the term for player characters.
In the game, and finally, if you will the kids in your life have concerns that Santa Claus might bring Coronavirus with him along with your presence this year.
Then rest assured that Dr. Anthony Fauci has your back during CNN Sesame Street Town Hall on Saturday Fauci told parents and kids that he vaccinated Santa Against COVID-19.
So he’ll still be able to visit homes and deliver gifts as usual.
Fauci said in the video, I measured his level of immunity and he is good to go.
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