February 27, 2021
Ubtech Adibot is a UVC-wielding robot that disinfects on command - Video

Ubtech Adibot is a UVC-wielding robot that disinfects on command – Video

What school wouldn’t be complete without a giant scary looking disinfecting robot?
That’s what ooh tech.
Atiba is here for.
We’re taking a look at this giant robot, right?
So we know Ooh, tech from making robots in the past.
They’re all about consumer bots that can walk and do yoga with you.
This year, they’re focusing on schools and small businesses with the ATI bot, which is a giant cylinder, kind of reminds me of a monolith.
It goes into classrooms or rooms roughly 900 to 1000 square feet, and then it starts disinfecting with UVC light designed obviously to kill the Coronavirus.
So it’s timely.
Now you could get this for your home but it’s pretty expensive.
The robot has two models the A for autonomous and the Atiba s for stationary.
The autonomous one is gonna cost $40,000.
The stationary one is $20,000.
So a little bit of a steel Deep ask.
But lube tech is comparing it to industrial models that can cost upwards of 100 grand and really trying to push it for schools or small businesses that might not be able to afford the giant industrial model.
Schools and small businesses will also be able to lease either model like a car for a two or three year period without having to stomach that upfront costs.
Okay, so let’s dive into what the device actually does.
It has an RGB sensor on the front to act as a camera to sense if someone’s coming into the room so it can stop doing its cleaning program.
It’s using UVC.
So Can actually be harmful if you’re in the room with it while it’s working.
It also has motion sensors all along the top rim.
And it comes with an ordinary looking caution sign that you can put in front of the door that talks to the robot via Bluetooth.
So if somebody moves that caution sign to come into the room, it’ll shut down automatically.
As well as if it detects anybody moving.
It has 8 of those lamps that cast the light to disinfect an area and it will supposedly work in roughly 100 seconds if you’re talking about 8000 square foot classroom You’ll be able to control the antibody with an app or with a remotes.
And in the app you’ll be able to see status reports of when it was cleaning and how long it cleaned for.
Eu tech will be available for support to help your school figure out how long it needs to operate in a room of any given size.
Is the autonomous unit navigates with LIDAR.
But EU tech will want to send out a technician when you’re first getting it set up to help it work through the floor mapping of your school.
So the autobahn is certainly a cool and relevant idea.
But 20 to $30,000 is still a lot even for schools and small businesses.
And UVC light isn’t a catch all.
And so there’s still gonna be a lot of work required from somebody on site to make sure everything gets properly disinfected.
Plus you have a scary looking robot in your school, that students will maybe be a little bit intimidated by, maybe after this is all over you can repurpose this giant monolith as a hall monitor, I certainly think that would get the kids running to their classrooms quickly but it feels like a big expense for something that won’t be full proof and will still require a lot of hands on effort to keep everything disinfected.
Nevertheless 20-40 thousand dollars is significantly less than the 100,000 grand plus industrial models that this is competing with.
So the OOP tech audio bot could be the perfect solution for certain schools and small businesses in addition to regular cleaning.
Thanks for watching for much more from CES.
Stay tuned to Siena.
For 40 grand that robot learn to love you.>> [LAUGH]
Was that like part of the $100,000 like below Andrew, you got-
But to love.
You need industrial grade love.
Industrial grade we got to get through.
There’s too much crime.

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