April 11, 2021
Top 5 most-anticipated gaming laptops of 2021 - Video

Top 5 most-anticipated gaming laptops of 2021 – Video

The year is still young but there’s already a lot of PC gaming hardware I’m excited about.
So these are my most anticipated gaming laptops of 2021.
So far.
asis Flo x 13 was the one gaming laptop I think everybody was talking about in 2021 already.
It is a super thin super light 13 inch laptop, the kind of thing you might see and go that’s kind of like a MacBook.
It’s kind of like an XPS 13 inside it actually has some decent gaming chops.
It’s got an Nvidia 1650 graphics card inside.
Now that is not a super high end gaming part, but it’s pretty good for casual gaming, and most 13 inch laptops would never even have something like that.
The real catch is there’s a second part that comes with this laptop, as Soos calls it, the x t mobile and what it is Is an external GPU box.
It’s about the size of a small tablet and you connect it to the laptop.
Inside this external GPU box has a brand new Nvidia 3080 GPU, the new laptop version of that and it has its own power supply to drive that graphics card and the laptop itself.
You just connect the two parts via a cable and now you have got this.
For graphics card powering this little tiny 13 inch laptop, people are trying to do external GPU boxes before they’re either too proprietary or too expensive or they don’t work well enough.
This is an interesting take on it because it leaves you with something that is still in okayish gaming laptop even when you’re not using it.
We just got this model into review and I am looking forward to checking it out even more.
The Acer Predator Triton 300 SE is for those times when you want something that is a gaming laptop but doesn’t necessarily look like a gaming laptop.
Now that’s especially surprising considering this is an Acer Predator because that brand has always been kind of in your face with the You’ve gamer heavy designs.
This looks more like a standard business or mainstream laptop.
It’s got a little bit of that retro squared off aluminum MacBook vibe to it.
But inside it’s got the new Nvidia 3060 GPU, it’s not the highest end new GPU, but this is also not the most expensive new gaming laptop and you want something that has that crossover potential.
You can use it every day.
You could take it to work back when we go back to the office on day and nobody’s going to say what is that crazy looking gaming laptop But you still wanna be able to play games on it.
It’s got 18 millimeters thick, which is pretty thin for a 15 inch gaming laptop.
I would kinda call this a stealth gaming machine when you wanna do some gaming but don’t wanna look like it Lenovo makes some really nice gaming laptops, but it’s not always the brand you think of first when you say I’m gonna go buy a gaming PC.
We’ve got a new flagship model for 2021.
That looks really cool.
It is the Lenovo Legion seven Legion is Lenovo gaming line and it has an interesting upgrade from last year’s mainstream Legion models.
It takes the 15 inch screen And, upgraded to a 16 inch screen, and goes from a 16 by 9 aspect ratio, to a 16 by 10 aspect ratio.
That makes the screen a little bit taller, gives you a little more real estate.
This is an interesting way to get more screen, in not that much more space.
Like a lot of the other new gaming laptops we’re gonna see in 2021 it can bind in AMD.
Rise in really gaming intensive CPU with Nvidia’s new 3000 series gaming laptop GPUs.
On top of that, this guy also has a G sync display and HDR.
So there’s really a lot of good stuff built into the actual screen.
I wouldn’t call this a super slim or an ultra portable laptop, it’s about five and a half pounds.
Little bit under an inch thick and for a 16 inch screen laptop, it’s pretty good.
Then there’s the Asus zephyrus duo 15 S II.
That’s a really long name that tells me that this device has a second screen on it now second screens.
I’ve never really caught on Apple’s touchbar is basically a second screen and that does not have a ton of fans.
As Seuss has worked on this duo concept for about a year or so now there was some early models in 2020 and 2021.
There’s a zenbook duo that we got to play around with that was actually really cool.
And there’s also zephyrus duo which is the same sort of design, but in a more.
Gaming forward laptop.
Now the secondary screen on these, it pops up a little bit from the from the keyboard tray it sort of lines up with the bigger screen so they seem to flow into each other.
In the case of the Zen book, I really like that if you use Adobe software like Photoshop or premiere illustrator.
There are built in automatic, controls that pop up on the second screen when you launch those apps, they could be jog wheels, that can be also to have other Photoshop controls in a gaming laptop.
I feel there’s a lot of opportunity to take parts of games that you may want to access, whether it’s maps, or inventory screens or anything like that.
And put it on that second screen which is a pretty hefty size.
For a second screen on a laptop now.
It really depends on the game developers or molders to come up with software that will let you break out the different parts of these games and put a nice useful thing on that second screen.
That’s the part of the equation that’s not quite there yet.
But compared to the first several generations of secondary screen laptops really go back years that with more Gimmicky then useful.
I’ve already seen this a Seuss duo version be really useful and I have high hopes that it’s gonna continue to be with gaming this could be the system that really makes second screen laptop gaming something that makes sense.
The last time I list of most anticipated gaming laptops of 2021 so far for me Is not a huge sea change upgrade but it offers some new options on things that are very important to gamers.
I’m talking about the razor blade 15 advanced line.
This has always been one of my favourite gaming laptop lines, they look fantastic.
They got really good component options, and you know they’ve got all those crazy colours that you can adjust because it trades or if you’re into that kind of thing.
In the advanced model, it’s the 3070 and the 3080.
The two higher end parts of the advanced fantastic but what I’m actually more excited about is the large number of display options that you can get With this system, some people want a very high resolution.
Some people want a certain type of screen.
And of course, some people want a very high refresh rate.
that’s especially important for eSports people competitive gamers who want to go somewhere in the middle they have a Q HD option that’s 2560 by 1440.
That’s actually one of my favorite resolutions for gaming because it’s better than regular HD But it’s not going to kill your battery life and your performance the way 4k might.
So it’s a good compromise and that you can get a 240 hertz screen.
Also very good.
There’s also a 4k OLED touchscreen option.
This is really one of the only gaming laptops I can think of that offers an OLED screen.
I’ve got an older version of this and the old HP looks fantastic.
It’s only a 60 hertz screen.
So that’s the trade off the resolution and what type of screen it is versus the refresh rate.
So razors always made really great gaming laptops, and I like that now especially they’re offering you a lot of options.
To customize the display, which is not always the first thing you think of when you think about what’s important in your gaming laptop, but probably even equal to the GPU.
It’s super super key and you want to make the right choice there.
We’ve got big traditional gaming laptops, we’ve got super slim ones with external GPUs.
We’ve got stealth gaming laptops that don’t look like gaming laptops, These are some of my most anticipated gaming laptops that I’m looking forward to checking out in 2021

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