January 19, 2021
Thursday deals: $40 for a well-rated air fryer and microwave

Thursday deals: $40 for a well-rated air fryer and microwave

Microwaves and air fryers are the Secretariat and Seabiscuit of getting food hot in a flash, and both are on sale right now, down to less than $40 at Best Buy. The Insignia compact microwave is currently marked down from its normal $70 price tag, while an Insignia air fryer, which normally retails for $80, is down 50% to just $40 at Best Buy. That’s not all: You can nab a Keurig K-Cafe pod coffee maker with a built-in milk frother for the fastest latte-making known to man (or horse), currently down 70 bucks to just $130. Let’s have a look-see at these three daily deals, all of which qualify for free shipping or in-store pickup. 


A well-rated and reliable microwave with 700 watts of cooking power and 11 power settings to cook popcorn, defrost frozen foods, reheat leftovers and more.

Bella Housewares

Super convection means really hot, really fast-moving air to blast the outside of a batch of wings, fries or veggies sticks, giving them a fried-like crunch without saturating them in unhealthy oil. This Bella air fryer is dishwasher safe and has an auto shut-off timer for safety. 


You know the deal with Keurig pod coffee makers, which brew any number of hot beverages in seconds. This advanced model lets you create latte and cappuccino from start to finish in no time with a built-in frother. The price tag of $130 is a bargain when you consider how much this will cut into your Starbucks bill each month.

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