January 26, 2021
This $38 laptop stand has a built-in reading lamp, cooling fan and USB hub

This $38 laptop stand has a built-in reading lamp, cooling fan and USB hub


Daily Steals

When you work from home, you’re not just missing the social aspect of going into the office. You also miss the ergonomics of working at a real desk rather than typing on the kitchen table. What you need is a laptop stand that can make your laptop easier to use whether you’re working on the counter, the sofa or in bed. And it doesn’t need to be expensive; this multifunction laptop table on Daily Steals is on sale for just $38 when you apply promo code CNETMFL at checkout, yet it’s chock full of clever features.

First, the price: This table usually sells for $55 at Daily Steals but is currently marked down to $45. So this CNET-exclusive price saves you about 30%. That tracks pretty well with Amazon, where the same table lists for $53 and is currently selling for $50 even.

What appeals to me about this gizmo is that it’s not just a simple tiny folding table for your laptop. The deck is actually two separate surfaces — one for the laptop and the other for your mouse — and the angle of each is adjustable separately. So you can angle the left side for more ergonomic typing on the laptop keyboard, while leaving the mouse surface flat for, you know, mousing. The table also has an integrated USB port with four USB-A ports and one Mini-USB port. Plug your laptop into the port and you get two other unexpected bonuses: A built-in USB cooling fan and an LED reading light on a flexible wand. (Just to be clear, this port isn’t going to be useful for charging devices, since it only outputs a max of 1 amp.)

The laptop side also has a couple of pop-up loose-leaf baffles to keep books, magazines and loose papers from sliding off the stand. And the legs are adjustable as well, unfolding to 10 inches or 15 inches, depending upon how much lift you need from your laptop stand.

I find all the little extras in this table adds up to a totally charming little accessory; honestly, I’d rather buy this than one of those $100 aluminum-machined laptop stands that doesn’t do anything aside from looking pretty. 

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