March 6, 2021
The White House website's hidden easter egg, Ford to recall 3 million vehicles - Video

The White House website’s hidden easter egg, Ford to recall 3 million vehicles – Video

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It’s official Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the new president and vice president of the United States.
As they took office, the website was refreshed to reflect the incoming administration and keen eyes caught an Easter egg in the site’s code.
It was a message.
Quote, if you are reading this, we need your help building back better and quote.
The message also included a link to the US digital services, careers website, which is an organization that helps advance since the government technologically.
A report by the Koreans Harold suggests LG might be looking to exit the smartphone business.
Even after showing off, a rollable phone last week, at its digital CES event, LGs, CEO reportedly sent an email to employees, big changes, to its smartphone division, including a potential sale.
As of this recording, no official announcements have been made.
And finally, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rejected a petition by Ford.
Forcing the company to recall 3 million vehicles with Takata airbags.
Ford unsuccessfully tried to argue the inflators did not pose the same risk as previously recalled inflators.
The company has 30 days to submit a recall plan to the NHTSA.
See the list of vehicles affected by that upcoming recall and stay up to date with the latest by visiting CNET

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