October 26, 2020
The time has come to get this charming 6-sided digital timer

The time has come to get this charming 6-sided digital timer



I’m literally surrounded by timers. There’s one on my phone, every smart speaker in my house can run a timer, and if I’m feeling nostalgic, I could even set my stove’s timer. So why am I recommending a standalone Pomodoro-style tabletop timer? Well, it’s downright charming, for starters. And I’d argue that despite the convenience of setting a timer with Alexa or Siri using your voice, this one works even better in a lot of situations. I’m talking about the sushi roll-shaped Chivving Digital Countdown Timer, which usually sells for $60, but can be had right now for $26.

To get this timer for $26, you need to claim the $10-off coupon on the product page and also apply the promo code XXR9L2Y9 at checkout. That will shave a total of $34 off the price.

So what do you get for $24? The six-sided timer has a digital display on one end and preset times (3, 5, 10, 15, 25 and 30 minutes) inscribed on the sides. Roll it so the time you want is facing up and you immediately start that timer. Or you can use the arrow controls on the end to dial in the exact timer you want to run, up to 100 minutes in length.

When the time runs out, it’ll alarm at any of five selected volume levels, or you can turn the sound off and let the visual alarm go off instead — just the lights on the timer will flash. It has a built-in battery and charges via a USB-C port. You get about 10 hours of use between charges, or six months of standby time.

I really dig this timer. It’s handy for tabletop games, at-home workouts, and even for kitchen tasks, particularly if you don’t have an Echo or Google speaker in the room. I don’t know how long this deal will last, so if you’re intrigued, assume the timer is counting down. 

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