October 23, 2020
The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is the midrange phone to beat - Video

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is the midrange phone to beat – Video

Samsung Galaxy S 20.
Effie is a superb mid range phone offering great tech at a reasonably affordable price.
And to help me illustrate that point I’ve ordered a pizza
The Galaxy S 20.
Effie is great.
It’s got a lovely screen, plenty of power, a good battery and three rear cameras.
It’s not up there with the best of the smartphone world, then it’s really not supposed to be Instead, what this offers is a great all round phone experience at a price which is a lot more affordable than its flagship siblings.
It’s just like this pizza now sure I could have gone to the best restaurant in town, serving the best ingredients by the most talented chefs.
I made a whole show of going out for the absolute luxury, and food but I don’t need that not today.
Anyway, what I need is something delicious, something that ticks all my boxes of lovely hot melting cheese, delicious pepperoni.
And of course, I get to be at home sitting comfortably while I enjoy it.
It’s the perfect compromise.
The Note 20 Ultra and S20 Ultra are the fancy Michelin star restaurants.
They’ve got the biggest displays with the highest resolution.
They’ve got the best camera setups.
Tech wise, they’re at the top of their game.
The S20 FE cuts out a lot of that razzle dazzle and in so doing slices, a lot of the asking price.
The es 20 fp is this pizza still delicious, but a lot more accessible?
Okay, so putting aside my awesome food analogy, what are the compromises you will be making to save that money?
Well, the camera resolutions are lower and you don’t get advanced features like the 100 times superzoom of the s 20 Ultra.
All things like 8k video recording, you really won’t miss those and this thing can still take some great images.
You still get it three times zoom which works well and a super wide angle lens for capturing everything in your scene.
The back is plastic, not glass, but this frosted effects could easily fool you into thinking it is glass and it still feels really nice to hold.
It’s water resistant to so spilled drinks are not a problem.
The processor is the same Snapdragon 865 chip found in the ultra meaning this can chew through demanding gaming without breaking a sweat.
And the battery is bigger than the S 20 ultras and can easily get you through a whole day of mixed use without you worrying about it cranking out.
So no the Galaxy S 20 Effie is not a revolution in mobile technology.
What it is is a solid all round phone at a more affordable price, making it the phone to go for if you’ve got your heart set on a flagship, but Just call quite stomach emptying your entire bank balance in order to get one.
But what do you think of the Galaxy S20 SE is a more affordable price important for you?
Or you still saving up those pennies to get the flagships do make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below and subscribe to C net for a lot more.

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