December 4, 2020
The Nissan Maxima still exists and there's a new 40th anniversary edition this year

The Nissan Maxima still exists and there’s a new 40th anniversary edition this year

Happy anniversary, Maxima.


Remember the Nissan Maxima? Yes, Nissan still makes a full-size sedan, even though the segment has virtually evaporated in the past five years. For 2021, the automaker decided to mark the nameplate’s 40th anniversary with an aptly named Maxima 40th Anniversary Edition model and detailed all the changes on Thursday.

Aside from the addition of the special edition sedan, not much changes, but the Maxima does grow more expensive, thanks to some trim reshuffling. Gone is the base Maxima S trim, so buyers shopping the sedan will need to step into the SV trim instead, which effectively makes the car $2,500 more expensive. The trade-off is, you’re getting a lot more equipment with the SV stepping in as the new base model. The SR trim sticks around and costs $43,075, while the fully loaded Platinum trim sits at the top with a price of $43,145. All prices include a $925 destination charge.

No matter the trim, a 3.5-liter V6 engine sits ahead of the driver that makes 300 horsepower. Unfortunately, a sappy CVT still serves as the transmission, which sends power to the front wheels.

If you want to celebrate with Nissan and opt for the 40th Anniversary Edition, the package adds $2,125 over and above the Maxima Platinum for a total of $45,270. Included in the celebratory gear are exclusive 19-inch wheels, a two-tone exterior paint job with a gray exterior and black roof, black trim pieces and a pretty lovely looking interior. Red leather covers the seats with a debossed “40th Anniversary” logo and red stitching breaks up a black interior with dark chrome pieces. Honestly, the coolest part is the analog gauges. Nissan swaps in white faces for the speedometer and tachometer to recall past Maximas, and they look really great.

The sedan should start arriving at dealerships in the very near future, and if you’re a fan of the Maxima, it’s probably best to move sooner rather than later. The outlook for large sedans in the US isn’t too peachy.

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