April 13, 2021
The next Pixel could be pretty familiar - Video

The next Pixel could be pretty familiar – Video

It looks like the next pixel has leaked and it bears quite the resemblance to the current pixel.
The very reliable on leaks, also known as Steve has published images and details about the Google Pixel five
The a series is Google’s budget line of phones that starts at just $349.
First up is this great shot of the front and the back of the pixel five A. at first blush.
It looks a lot like the pixel five and the pixel four A. on the top left of the 6.2 inch screen is a camera cutout That display is the same size as the 4a with 5G.
Don’t worry we’ll be talking about the too many pixels problem in a little bit.
On the back we’re looking at a familiar dual camera setup in that bump on leak says that this is the same configuration as the pixel for a 5G And the pixel five, staying on the back of the device it still has a rear fingerprint sensor.
This would keep the cost down because we’re not looking at an in screen sensor.
In my experience.
The rear fingerprint sensor on pixels has worked very well.
The in screen sensor on my note 20 Well, it’s really good but it’s not as reliable.
Also, I know that there are new in screen sensors that are much larger and faster than the previous generation.
But that doesn’t make a lot of sense in a low cost phone, at least not right now.
Let’s get a good look at the top of the device.
Let’s zoom in on that tiny hole on the top.
Onleaks says that we would be getting a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on the pixel 5A.
The current earphones also have headphone jacks, however.
Google dumped that feature on the more expensive pixel five.
I think that these two old school features the sensor and the jack are just great for any phone.
Not just a low cost one, you get a reliable sensor and there’s no need for any extra adapters for Wired headphones with a pixel a.
Let’s look at the bottom of the device USBC in the centre surrounded by stereo speakers, Snazzy as four dimensions the pixel 5/8 would be a little taller a little bit more narrow and within a tad bit thicker than the for a 5 G.
So how credible is this leak?
I would say very Google like lots of companies has a hard time keeping secrets, or are they planting these stories to keep us interested?
I’m not sure.
Anyway, OnLeaks has had an excellent track record with leaks.
So this looks really likely.
Here’s what I make of this potential Pixel 5A, I think this could be a good way to simplify things.
The A line currently has the Pixel 4A and 4A with 5G.
I would bet that the A series will not have a 4G version.
So there would be only one a phone and it already has 5G.
The bigger news will come later in the year when Google starts talking about the pixel six.
How different will the six be from the five a?
Right now the current generation of devices are really really, really similar to each other.
This could be the year that Google realigns things in its phone line up.
There were rumors that the pixel 6 could bring back the XL version.
So by the end of the year, we would have the pixel five A, pixel 6 and the pixel 6xl.
Arguably that makes much more sense than the current lineup.

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