January 24, 2021
The next Galaxy S may have leaked - Video

The next Galaxy S may have leaked – Video

This could be the next Samsung Galaxy S. The very reputable on leaks has released renders of the next Galaxy S and S ultra.
It could be named s 21 or s 30.
Because who knows what Samsung will name them.
For the purposes of this video, I’m going to say s 21.
Let’s start off with the regular S21.
The front of the device is fairly unremarkable.
It seems to be pretty much the same as the Galaxy S20 on leaks as the S21 would have a 6.2 inch flat display.
We’re looking at an edge to edge screen with a hole punch camera on the top.
That’s right, no under the display camera here.
Cue the sad trombone.
Then there’s the back the S 20.
And the note 20.
Both have a big old camera bump.
It looks like somebody glued a domino to the back of the phone.
It could be better.
The S21 could be smoothing out things a little bit.
In the render the camera bump seems to be more integrated into the body instead of the glued on Domino look, we’re looking at the camera housing, kind of Melding into the side, the flashes outside of the bump.
It’s integrated into the back of the phone instead of being part of the camera assembly.
Now let’s look at the big dogs the S 21 Ultra or the S 30 Ultra.
Again, I’m going to stick to S 21 Ultra for clarity sake, the front Ooh, it looks the same as it ever did.
However, only it says that the 21 Ultra has slightly curved edges.
Display is somewhere between 6.7 and 6.9 inches.
So let’s go round back.
It looks perfectly normal, except for a massively huge camera bump with four cameras like the 21.
The 21 Ultra has a camera housing that seems to curve to the side.
However, unlike the 21, the flash is part of the camera assembly.
Reports had swirled that the note and the S Could merge.
On leak says the 21 Ultra does not have an S Pen slot built in.
That does not mean the 21 will not support the S Pen.
The S Pen will just have to find a new home if it worked with a 21.
And the last bit of news from On Leaks is the vs 21 and ultra will launch in January of 2021, Does that mean that they’ll ship in that month?
Maybe, but that would be a big change from previous releases.
If we’re talking about a new flagship Samsung phone, we’re probably talking about a new Qualcomm Snapdragon, the parrot.
Will the next system on a chip be ready for January?
Well, Qualcomm will be holding an event on December 1st.
So it’s probable Something like a Snapdragon 875, which does not exist yet, will power the S 21.
The last snapdragons did not integrate a 5G modem in the design.
Maybe the next generation will do that.
Integrated modems usually lead to better efficiency, meaning better battery life.
Anyway, it’s kind of funny.
The Galaxy S line has become so refined Over the past few generations, it orders on boring.
It always has a really nice design really great cameras and lots of power.
Samsung has really been pushing the envelope with its other lines like the Z flip and the Z fold.
Yes, not so much that solid, but there’s nothing wrong with that.
The S will eventually get in under the display camera and that will make it stand out a little bit in the future.
As for the back of the device, I say, it needs More cameras.
Three or four is not enough.
Let’s go for broke.
Let’s have 21 cameras for the S 21.
Why would you need 21 cameras because more is better.
I’m just kidding.
I know that phone companies hate the idea of making phones thicker, but I think there’s a better way to come to terms The amount of space the camera assembly needs.
The original Google Pixel had a wedge design.
So there was no camera bump.
I thought that was a great compromise.
That should have continued.
Then there’s the LG velvet which also rethought its camera design.
One protruding lens and the others were flush with the body.
Are these nitpicks?
like I said, the salon is so refined Doesn’t need a lot of improvements.
If these images are accurate.
I applaud Samsung for trying something new with that camera design.
The market for pricey phones seems to be diminishing.
So we’ll have to see where the S line lands next year.
If the Samsung phones are doing for you, check out that new iPhone.
It added magnets.
true innovation is actor.
I’ll see you online.

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