April 11, 2021
The most delicious Valentine's Day food gifts under $40

The most delicious Valentine’s Day food gifts under $40

As George Bernard Shaw once said, “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” Which is exactly why we say skip the overpriced roses for her and ditch the cologne for him and instead give your valentine what they really want: chocolate, pasta and other treats for foodies they’ll probably dig into immediately after unwrapping.

All of these Valentine’s Day food gift ideas are under $40 (we can’t say the same for a bouquet of flowers — that gets expensive, fast). Below, the best Valentine’s Day food and drink gifts that won’t break the bank and will hopefully inspire your love to share.


Some like it hot. If that’s the case with your taco-loving, can’t-get-enough-heat valentine, give them these good-looking bottles of two hot sauces and one hot honey, all handmade in New York from local ingredients. There’s heat here for sure, but this unique gift set doesn’t sacrifice flavor for spice.


Let’s face it, chocolate rarely fails. Especially on Valentine’s Day and especially when slow-cooked caramel made with high-quality fleur de sel sweetens the deal. These hearts are finished with a sprinkle of salt, offering the exact salty-sweet combination a chocolate lover craves, and the lustrous rainbow colors are gorgeous to boot.


This sweet treat is the perfect way to let them know they add glitter to your life with this divine combination of dark chocolate coated in pink chocolate and studded with peppermint candy. Take a bite and you’ll get a lovely mouth shock — a smattering of pop rocks.

Sur La Table

Treat your sweet to a morning in Paris without leaving the house. You get 15 chocolate filled croissants in this batch, which you should take out of the freezer the night before Valentine’s Day to thaw. Come morning, head straight for the kitchen and bake these bad boys right away, so your beloved can wake to the scent of pastry. If you prefer, you can also order plain croissants.

Shari’s Berries

You can have a half dozen of these extra fancy dipped strawberries with crunchy toffee bits and chocolate chips delivered to your Valentine. Shari’s Berries has a ton of tempting options including dipped strawberries for him.

Bean Box

This Valentine’s Day gift is perfect for the caffeine addict in your life, Bean Box curates the best small batch coffee producers and delivers beans right to your door. Plus, your significant other will think of you every morning as they wake up with their favorite roast. There are multiple subscription options, but this tasting box includes artisanal chocolate to satisfy the sweet tooth. (You can also order some Bean Box samplers on Amazon. And check out our guide to the best coffee subscriptions for even more options.)


Perhaps your boo is anti-Valentine’s Day because they don’t identify as a chocolate person. Show your love you know them best with this fancy tea trio that includes a green matcha blend, a white lemon ginger and a chai. This tea trio is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to keep them warm on the dreariest of winter days left ahead.


Sure, you could make a meal of heart-shaped pasta, but porcini mushroom-infused trumpets are much more sophisticated (and flavorful). The ruffles add a romantic touch. Give these as a gift to your favorite cook, or do one better and serve them up on the plate with a bacon cream sauce.


If the recipient of this gift is displeased, you must dump them immediately. Everyone knows seasonal Reese’s are one of the best things to grace our planet — bigger in size and voluptuous in milk chocolate and peanut butter, there is truly no wrong way to eat a Reese’s. Especially when it comes from the heart, as a heart (and a whole bag, at that).


OK, you got me. This pick is just a skosh over $40 but a champagne-filled Valentine’s Day is certain to be a good one, so take it to the next level with this Sugarfina gift set. It comes with three cubes of bubbly flavored gummy bears and two festive flutes for sipping the real stuff (or, you know, prosecco) alongside. Cheers!


Raw honey is the kind of thing you wish you had in your pantry but never end up buying because of sticker shock. This four-pack of raw honeys with superfoods such as lemon and ginger will tell your lovebug what you’ve been meaning to say: You’d like to do sweet things together. 

Note: these will be back in stock next week and can still be shipped in time for Feb. 13 if you order today.

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This story was written by Kate Bratskeir.

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