March 8, 2021
The future of vertical farming is hiding in this shipping container - Video

The future of vertical farming is hiding in this shipping container – Video

When you think of farming, you might think of a wide open field vegetables growing with a little help from the sun and the rain.
But the future of farming could be found in a shipping container in the middle of nowhere.
This is the cue from Korean agritech startup in things.
It might look like an ordinary shipping container on the outside, but inside this fully automated vertical farm is reshaping the world of agriculture.
The cube is actually a 40 foot refrigerated shipping container with space to grow as many as 2600 individual plants each in its own growing can.
Container stacked in neat vertical rows.
The plants have grown under LED lights using hydroponics meaning there’s no sun, soil, or pesticides required and the plants can be grown all year round.
They’re fed with water that’s been amped up with nutrients and the system is automated and optimized Based on the plants that have been grown, the cube is a modular smartphone designed to be built in urban spaces in pretty much any configuration that you like.
The containers can be stacked vertically or horizontally with potentially dozens or even hundreds of cubes, fitting together to make one giant farming system all capable of cultivating and growing Tons of produce.
The idea behind the cube was to bring sustainable and efficient farming to places that may not have traditionally supported agriculture.
And the focus was on securing food supply with crops that can grow all year round.
The human population Quite fast and we need to come up with some kind of very efficient solution that can actually support that fast growing population at the same time, we shouldn’t actually damage the environment that that population.
At the heart of the cube farm is an automated operating system known as CubeOS.
The system takes in data from sensors inside each farm, measuring ratings like humidity, pH levels in the water, temperature, and carbon dioxide, everything that’s needed to grow a healthy plant.
And each of these variables can be tweaked and optimized [UNKNOWN] isn’t the first company to bring automation to the world of farming.
Companies like Bowery Farming are also trying to bring farm fresh vegetables closer to cities.
Bowery’s warehouses in New Jersey grow leafy greens and herbs with the help of LED lighting, hydroponics.
And an operating system that automates virtually every part of the growth cycle by controlling all those variables.
These vertical farming companies say the end result is a better crop.
Has already partnered with Korea’s largest supermarket chain to provide greens.
And last year they rolled out a farm in the United Arab Emirates, where temperatures during the summer can regularly climb over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
Always summertime was a problem in Middle East.
We’re the only one we’re stable or stable enough to supply the products.
Throughout the year in Middle East, we don’t have any kind of problems.
Now and thing is looking to expand into new markets like Singapore and Qatar, and even experimenting with other plants like hemp.
So forget the wide open farmland.
Your next leafy greens could be coming from the farm of the future.

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