December 4, 2020
Prime Day 2020: When it's happening and what to expect

The Cheapskate Show podcast: The secrets of saving big on Prime Day



In case you haven’t heard (ha!), Prime Day is coming. We know a thing or two about Amazon’s big sale, so we’ve devoted this entire episode to Prime Day tips and tricks — not including this sweet¬†late-breaking deal, which emerged after we’d recorded.

We also circled back on a couple earlier discussions. Is it possible I was wrong (gasp!) about the value proposition of Microsoft Office? And how did we forget to address the virtual elephant in the virtual Oculus Quest 2 room?

Another bit of news on tap: The new Cheapskate text-message system is up and running! Find out more about it — including a little secret I haven’t mentioned elsewhere. By the way, I wanted to call this the Cheapskate Broadcast System, but apparently “CBS” is already taken. ūüėú

It’s a lively discussion, folks — hope you’ll tune in! You can listen to the new episode (and past ones) right here: ¬†

Looking for all the links and other info we referenced in the show? You can find them in the show notes, which are available in the embedded player (above). Just click Description.

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