March 7, 2021
The Touchless Video Doorbell keeps your hands free - Video

The Touchless Video Doorbell keeps your hands free – Video

[MUSIC] got a doorbell that just doesn’t want to be touched.
We’re taking a look at their touchless video doorbell right now.
[MUSIC] showed off a Video doorbell at CES designed to compete with ring and nest hello.
But the big difference is that this one uses motion to tell when someone’s at the door and then rings the doorbell without them actually having to press the button.
The idea here is to keep it more hands free so that you don’t feel that.
The need to disinfect your doorbell so is being sensitive to the times.
Any of these other smart doorbells we’ve seen can detect motion, is just cutting out that extra step before notifying To find you.
The doorbell is clearly labeled telling people you don’t actually have to touch it.
You just need to stand there.
You can also buy a doormat separately that says stand here to ring the doorbell.
That automatic doesn’t actually trigger the doorbell.
It’s just an extra way of letting people know you don’t actually want them pressing that button.
Like a lot of other smart door bells.
We’ve seen this store but we’ll know the difference between people and packages and pets and a leaf blowing by.
It has 150 degree field of view infrared night vision it shows video in full at HD, it has HDR, It even has an onboard heater, to keep the device warm, in case you live somewhere cold.
It will save clips in the cloud for up to 60 days, which is pretty good.
And they haven’t officially announced the price yet, but a representative indicated that it would be under, $200, which would be nicely competitive.
If it will be compatible with other smart home devices, so when someone’s at the door, your lights can flash and hopefully it will be compatible with the broader smart home stuff does work with Amazon’s assistant and, Google Assistant so hopefully this doorbell will too but they haven’t specified that yet.
So I appreciate the unique feature of this doorbell and hopefully the performance helps to keep up with the competition and all the other aspects as well.
Because the doorbell you can’t touch isn’t quite enough for me to shell out 200 bucks on its own for much more from CES, stay tuned to seen.

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