January 22, 2021
Tesla Model Y rolls out new winter tire and wheel packages

Tesla Model Y recalled for wonky trailer brake lights

About 2,500 Model Y SUVs will get the updated software.


A new recall has landed for the Tesla Model Y, and for those owners with the optional trailer brake lights, you’ll need to keep an eye out for a new software update. According to documents published with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Monday, Model Y vehicles may have glitched software that prevents the lights from illuminating.

Not too many Model Ys are part of the recall; NHTSA and Tesla said 2,567 are included. We don’t know, however, how many Model Y SUVs Tesla has actually built. If Tesla delivered a chunk of them with the trailer brake lights, then it’s a more significant recall than the figure on its own suggests.

Since the software error keeps the lights from, well, doing their job and lighting up, the Teslas fail to comply with federal motor safety vehicle safety standards and must be recalled. Since Teslas are awfully well connected, there’s no need for owners to take their cars to a service center. Instead, Tesla released a new over-the-air software update that will fix the problem free of charge for all owners. According to NHTSA, the update began rolling out last month.

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