November 1, 2020
Tenet is coming soon to theaters: Here's how to avoid spoilers online

Tenet is coming soon to theaters: Here’s how to avoid spoilers online


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If you’re avoiding theaters and other large indoor public spaces these days, you’ll need to wait for Tenet to hit a streaming service in order to watch Christopher Nolan’s mind-bending, time-twisting movie. Even if you’re ready to return to the theater, US moviegoers won’t be the first to see Tenet. After numerous delays, Tenet is set to premiere internationally on Aug. 26 before opening in select cities in the US on Sept. 3. And before those dates, you can expect to see reviews of the film online.

The film’s trailer offers few clues about the plot, and if you want to stay in the dark about the movie’s anticipated twists and turns, you’ll need to avoid seeing spoilers online between now and when you’re able to sit down in a theater — or on your couch — to see Tenet yourself. Here are two ways to avoid Tenet spoilers, aside from refraining from staying off the internet completely.

Twitter muted words

It might be easy to avoid certain corners of the internet until you can get into a theater or stream Tenet at home, but you may not be able to stay off Twitter for that long. Thankfully, you can use its Muted Words tool to block spoilers.

Tap on your profile icon and go to Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety, then scroll down to the Safety section and tap Muted and then Muted Words, where you can add words and hashtags. The terms you add will be blocked from your Home timeline and notifications. You will still see tweets with your muted words, however, if you experience a weak moment and search for Tenet-related tweets.

Muted words will stay that way indefinitely, or until manually unmuted. But you can also set their duration for 24 hours, seven days or 30 days if you have concrete plans to see the movie soon and don’t want to remember to unmute them later.


Mute words on Twitter to avoid spoilers for Tenet before you’re able to see the movie.

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Spoiler Protection 2.0

Spoiler Protection 2.0 is a Chrome extension (Firefox, too) that was most recently updated this past April and is highly rated (a smidge over 4 stars). A semirecent update and positive reviews are two things I look for in any extension before installing. After it’s installed, you can click its icon in the top right of Chrome and add Tenet-related keywords that you want to block.

The extension works across the internet, including Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and YouTube. It throws up a big, red box to block any content that contains your keywords.

While you wait for Tenet to hit a theater near you or a streaming service, here are 15 excellent time-bending movies and shows you can stream right now without delay.

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