March 1, 2021
Tech at CES to address coronavirus spread - Video

Tech at CES to address coronavirus spread – Video

We’re nearly 10 months into the corona virus pandemic and there’s all sorts of new technology popping up at CES to address the spread of the virus.
I’m seeing that scar tissue boy with a look at the devices designed to disinfect and keep you safe.
Because the Coronavirus can spread through airborne transmission air purifier sales have spiked with many new offerings on the market.
The bronto Pro sanitizing air purifier with ag plus technology claims to kill 99.9% of COVID-19.
And other viruses in a roughly 500 square foot space and 30 minutes time.
Supposedly it’s one of the few air purifiers in its class that can actually destroy the virus.
The rondelle Pro features five layers Three layers of filters and one layer each of UV disinfectant and plasma sanitation.
The company says this multi prong attack can break down the cell membranes of COVID-19.
The brondell airpro has just gone on sale for $649.
If you’re looking for air filtration on the go, there’s the shortwave light purifier from ns nanotech.
This personal device is about the size of a coffee mug plugs into the wall and is designed to purify the air and surfaces immediately around you.
Picture it on your desk at work in front of each kid in a classroom, or even at individual place settings in a restaurant.
The company says the far UVC light attacks pathogens, microbes and viruses, even the Coronavirus and effectively inactivates them, in addition to the far UVC light which is deemed safe for human use.
The purifier also features a fan to clear the air and your private airspace The shortwave light purifier is expected to cost $200.
You could pre order yours now for 10% of that or 20 bucks, and they’re expected to ship sometime in the first half of this year.
And finally, it’s a well known fact that our cell phones carry more bacteria than a public toilet seat.
And with Coronavirus, able to spread on surfaces.
It’s more important than ever to keep our phones clean.
But the glessner clean phone can kill 99 point 99% of germs from your phone and only 20 seconds.
One of these gadgets could do 3000 cleanings a day.
Picture like a toaster for your phone.
Insert your phone at the top and it automatically lowers to be cleaned with UVC light.
The front display counts down the seconds and encourages you to sanitize your hands at the same time.
Because really what’s the point of having a clean phone if your hands are dirty, then the phone will gracefully lift up for you to remove it.
Without ever touching the device itself.
At $2,000 this device is not necessarily meant for at home use, but rather high traffic public areas like airports, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels and office buildings.
I’m Carlos Tsuboi for c-net..

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