September 22, 2020
TCL unveils smartwatch for seniors - Video

TCL unveils smartwatch for seniors – Video

Today, we did a lot of watches for kids and so on, and we wanted to do something specifically for seniors.
As you may know, 20% of seniors actually leave alone because they want to have some type of independence.
And kids might be, worried about the safety security and that’s why we have developed this watch.
Which is the TCL move time family watch mt 43 A. This watch actually has some key features I need to press here in terms of innovation, so and which will make life of seniors much easier.
The first one is, Heart rate monitoring, which will sound an alarm if the heart rate is too low or too fast.
The second one is two way at calling so basically, you can call directly your kids and so on using your watch.
If a fault is detected, this device will also be able to call an emergency number And last but not least, we also have integrated here an SOS button, which can call an emergency control number or emergency service platform.
If help is needed, this device will be available from q4 as well, at a price of 299 or 229 euros sorry.

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