March 4, 2021
TCL unveils its new 20 series phones - Video

TCL unveils its new 20 series phones – Video

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to the new TCL 20 Series.
We wanted to start this year with a very powerful product line of multiple TCL smartphones to offer excitement for all the consumers.
Each of the five phones embodies our display great philosophy by democratizing innovation at the affordable price.
And we pack all our products into a sleek premium design.
TCL 20 series is available this month with TCL 25 and TCL 20 while the other three devices will be coming soon.
Let’s start with a quick look at the TCL 25.
TCL20 5G’s are most affordable 5G smartphone that brings 5G to a new price segment.
Making it accessible for even more consumers.
The phone’s 5g capabilities are powered by the Snapdragon 695 chipset.
This allows you to enjoy smooth video streaming and online gaming, on a very large 6.67 inch full HD plus display.
The TCL 25 of features in the AI power tipple camera.
Set up the technologies that enhance autofocus and video image stabilization.
Along with low light high resolution shots, the 48 megapixel main rear camera tricks detail images.
Additionally the added two more cameras 180 degrees super wide angle camera, as well as a macro lens for close shots.
So far most affordable smartphone is the TCL 20SE.
The devices all of its features associated with an advanced smartphone, along with the superior radiant system delivered with a massive 6.8 inch screen with 90% screen to body ratio for maximized viewing standard smartphones dual speaker system Also audio experience and it’s capable.
Device powerful 16 megapixel rear camera also provides users with the ability to capture different types of memories.
Thanks to traditional wide angle, macro and Test Options.
Powered by massive 5000 milliamp hour battery, which lets you watch videos for 17 hours non stop.
They sell 25 G’s already available today.
And we continue to roll it out across multiple countries globally.
We want to bring 5G technology to even more users and make this our most important 5G smartphone Purchase 299 euros.
And the TCL 20 sC starting to be available within this month across multiple countries 449 euros.
They are very fast paced.
We keep rolling out three more smartphones of the TCL 20 seniors in early 2021.
They will give you more details about these products very soon.

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