December 1, 2020
TCL touts TV tech on two 10-inch tablets - Video

TCL touts TV tech on two 10-inch tablets – Video

It’s my pleasure today to announce the first two TCL branded tablets GCL 10 sub Max and TCL 10 tap meet.
Now let’s have a look at GCL 10 tap max with a short video.
Hey Google, show me photos of Spain.
So TCL 10 sub Max is the biggest of the largest of the two tablets we’re announcing today.
It has a 10.3 inch display.
And we particularly focused on decreasing the bezel size and also increasing the screen to body ratio so that you can have a more immersive experience.
The TCL 10 TABMAX also comes with a pen, which makes it the ideal device for business for school but also for creativity and entertainment.
And because we’re spending so much time at home, you know watching our displays and so on.
We also added two specific features The first one is IQ mo The second one is kids most.
So with icomos there is no blue lights no flickering.
Also the screen brightness will adapt depending on lightning condition.
And last but not least, we have embedded a specific sensor, which will sound an alarm if the tablet is less than 25 centimeters from your eyes.
Which is actually quite, you know, a useful feature for parents with small kids and I guess there are some here in the audience or online.
Talking about kids.
We also have developed a kids modes, which is a dedicated mode with simplified UI focusing on learning and entertainment.
Parents have the possibility to control app downloads, veg browsing, etc.
And after and at the same time give you know content to the kids.
The TCS ninja max also comes with 8000 milliamp battery which gives you enough power for for their fuse or for watching video for 8 hours.
It obviously comes with Android 10 with access to all application, Play Store play movie by Google.
We also have Google Assistant built in in a large range microphones which will make usage at home much easier.
Now availability and price The T shirts at max will be available from q4 this year starting in q4 this year, in a 4g version for 299 euros and in a Wi Fi only version for 249 euros.
Now the T shirts and T max also have a small brother more portable version The TCL 10 tap mitts Let’s have a look at a video showing [UNKNOWN]
and submit.
Okay, so TCL [INAUDIBLE] is a very light version, as you can see here will be also available starting from q4 at a price of 299 euros.

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