February 25, 2021
Surprising new versions of autonomous vehicles - Video

Surprising new versions of autonomous vehicles – Video

At CES autonomous vehicles are coming in all shapes and sizes.
I’m seen as cars to boy and we’ll take a look at one of the biggest and one of the fastest.
It doesn’t get much more humongous than a piece of mining equipment from caterpillar.
Making its company debut at the annual technology show.
This autonomous haul truck measures as tall as a two, and a half storey house, and clocks in at nearly 300 tons when empty, and when fully loaded, it could weigh nearly 700 tons, or as much as 15 passenger planes.
And most important, it can navigate treacherous mining conditions without a human in the cab.
We have a single largest fleet of autonomous trucks running in the world.
And they’re setting records not only in productivity but in safety as well.
catatonic Miss trucks have traveled nearly 87 million kilometers without a single last injury.
Even though people don’t always associate heavy machinery with CES.
Caterpillar wanted to demonstrate its technological prowess and possibly attract partner interest with its 16,000 active patents and $2 billion in research and development funds, from huge and hulking to sleek and speedy.
This is a Dallara an Italian race car and it’s the chassis that is used in the cars that race at the Indianapolis 500 so it can go fast real fast.
And it’s just been announced at CES that the Dallara will be the base for the Indy autonomous challenge In this challenge 30 University teams will have access to a modified delora to program into an autonomous vehicle.
But the coolest part is the self driving race cars will then ask.
Actually race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on October 23 of this year.
The first team that could compete the 20 lap race in less than 25 minutes will win the grand prize of $1 million with an additional $500,000 and other prize money.
Harnessing the power of prize competitions to attract the best and brightest minds from around the world.
To further the state of the art of safety and performance of automated vehicles.
And of course to test and advance new technologies to make autonomous vehicles more of a reality.
I’m Kara Tsuboi with CNET.

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