January 26, 2021
Sony X900H review: Midpriced contender with game-friendly features - Video

Sony X900H review: Midpriced contender with game-friendly features – Video

Hey guys, this Sony X900H.
It’s one of Sony’s best performing TVs that doesn’t cost a fortune in 2020.
I’m going to compare it to others right now.
So the Sony X900 occupies an interesting place in the 2020 TV landscape.
Sony, a very well known TV brand has to compete against brands like TCL and Vizio, on picture quality and now on price since TV does cost more than those brands, but it also delivers an excellent picture.
I’ll get to that in a little bit.
First off, let’s talk about the styling this Sony TV, pretty slick as you’d expect from a Sony Very understated altogether, it’s got a nice silver lining around the edge here.
And the silver on the bottom extends to the legs themselves.
Those legs are relatively thin.
Overall a really nice look, again minimalist in the extreme.
That Sony logo also really small.
The remote is not minimalist however, this thing is a fly swatter.
I’ll show you right here.
A lot of buttons on here.
Compare that to a Roku remote or another modern remote even from Samsung.
This thing is just lots of buttons.
One of the most important buttons on here is the one that summons google assistant.
You could press that button, talk into the mic and get anything from new apps downloaded to searching for shows to the weather report.
So it’s got Google built right in talk right into the remote.
That’s a neat feature.
Of course, the reason it has Google’s because this runs Android TV.
Android TV has been improved in the last couple of years.
On this TV, it’s actually nice and fast.
Snappy, none of that delay that we’ve seen in the past.
You get all the apps you’d expect, including peacocke, HBO Max, some of the apps that aren’t available on the competition yet.
There’s also 4k HDR and Dolby Vision built into the Smart TV on the system.
So all told with the Google Assistant, all those Android TV apps.
Dedicated play store that has a whole bunch thousands more apps.
This is one of the better Smart TV systems on the market.
I do like it better than the proprietary Samsung and LG systems out there but not quite as good as Roku.
connectivity is another strength on this TV around back you’ll find four HDMI.
Sony says that there’ll be upgraded later in the year to allow 4k 120 hertz input from the latest game consoles like hello the PlayStation five also works with Xbox series x.
Those consoles will have full input on this TV so you can get all the benefits of their high frame rate and variable refresh rate capabilities.
Aren’t found on some TVs at this level.
The Sony also has an ATSC 3.0 port.
So that’s a brand new connection that no other TV has at this price.
To get this port you’re gonna have to go up to like an 8k TV.
ATSC 3.0 is the new over the air broadcast standard.
So once those new over the air free TV broadcasts start around the country, this Sony TV will be ready other TVs you’ll have to buy a little tuner adapter or something to get that to work.
So that’s the features very strong on the Sony x 900 h. But what about picture quality?
So I mean side by side comparison for picture quality was against the TCL six series.
I’ll spoil it now.
TCL did a little bit better in my side by side tests.
It delivered a deeper black levels, better contrast and a brighter image than the Sony.
The Sony still had an excellent picture however, and unless you’re gonna be looking at these TVs side by side, I doubt if you’ll miss it.
Sony also delivers excellent performance in game mode.
I saw Nice shadow detail in particular, very low input lag.
So if you’re going to pair it with a PS five again, with the nose to looking at that 120 hertz input capability later in the year, that’s a plus.
Sony also has very good screen.
You Uniformity, very good video processing and solid color.
So the full package is here.
It’s just not quite as good as a performer as that TCL.
However, all things considered if you want the best bang for your buck, it’s not gonna be with this Sony in terms of pure picture.
Where this TV actually excels is in its features, its Android TV operating system, and especially its connectivity.
Of course, it’s also a Sony Another difference between the Sony and the TCL is their range of sizes.
This set is available from 55 all the way up to 85 inches.
This is the 65 inch size here, the TCL you have a handle that goes from 55 to 75.
So if you want that massive The 85 inch size Sony is one of your best bets of the year.
That’s a look at the Sony zR x 908.
I’m David katzmaier was senior

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