March 4, 2021
Sony debuts OLED and 8K TVs with cognitive processing - Video

Sony debuts OLED and 8K TVs with cognitive processing – Video

Sony has announced a bunch of new OLED and LCD TVs at CES 2021, which is entirely virtual this year.
The company’s big innovation is something that’s calling cognitive processor XR.
Let’s take a look.
Sony says it has taken a new approach to picture enhancement by layering human intelligence over artificial intelligence to mirror how people actually see and hear.
The cognitive processor xR chip is designed to focus on enhancing elements your eyes naturally drawn to Like people’s faces and eyes and make them look better, it sounds pretty cool.
But as a TV reviewer, I’m more interested in preserving the original look of the material without any enhancements.
Sony says its custom Picture Mode is designed to do just that, without any extra processing.
The new processors available in five new series Sony is introducing for 2021 The X90J, the A80J, Z9J, the A90J and the X95J.
The A series is OLED.
The X series is 4k LCD and the Z series is a CAG.
We’ll start with the OLED TVs.
The A90J is a flagship highest end OLED.
Equipped with a brighter OLED panel than conventional models.
That extra brightness should help with HDR pop and in bright rooms and has the potential to make the best technology for TVs even better.
The A80J is a less expensive version.
It lacks that brighter panel but, like all OLED TVs.
Should be plenty bright for most people new for 2021 It includes an 83 inch size.
Next up are the 4k LCDs.
The main difference between the x 90 j and the x 95 j is their led backlights both offer full array local dimming.
My favorite enhancement for LCD picture quality.
The Sony says the X95 is brighter with more dimming zones for more precision.
The X90J is the only Sony model that comes with a huge 100 inch size however.
Finally there’s the Z nine j, which is the only 8k TV in Sony’s lineup.
It’ll be exceedingly expensive but delivers the best local dimming and processing to enhance sharpness 8k resolution is still not worth considering, in my opinion, however, in part because the improvement of those pixels is minor, and there’s no actual TV shows or movies in 8k yet, Sony is adding extra features to all these TVs.
BRAVIA core is a new streaming service specific to Sony TVs with titles from IMAX and Sony Pictures.
Speaking of streaming, Sony was also the first TV maker to announce Google TV streaming system would be on board.
All of Sony’s 2021 TVs have Google TV, which also works with google assistant for voice control.
Sony has also revamped its TVs design going for a more minimalist look on sets like the a 90 j and Z 90 j seen here.
Where the screen rests directly on the tabletop and the legs act of stabilizers.
Sony has also enhanced audio features, including new x rays that cause the sound to seem to come directly from the screen.
And in the case of OLED models, the screen itself doesn’t emit sound.
That’s a quick look at Sony’s new TVs at CES 2021.
Pricing and availability will be announced later this spring.
I’m David katzmaier.

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