March 2, 2021
Solarwinds hack update, FBI looking for help from social media - Video

Solarwinds hack update, FBI looking for help from social media – Video

This is CNET.
And here are the stories that matter this week for top US intelligence agencies to confirm that the recent Solarwinds hack was, quote, likely Russian and origin.
The hack began in early 2020.
And so a raft of government agencies and private companies like Microsoft hit with malware.
The details of the hack weren’t revealed until December last year.
And while officials hinted at Russian involvement, there has been no formal attribution until now.
In an online event Samsung officially unveiled its newest lineup of televisions, Samsung calls its new technology behind the screens Neo QLED.
It says it will power all the company’s new 8k TVs.
In addition to the new screen tech the TV’s also feature improved accessibility options for closed captioning and sign language.
Specialized menu for quick access to gaming functions and more.
The new TVs will begin shipping later this year.
And finally, the FBI has turned to social media For help in identifying those involved in the recent violence on Capitol Hill agency has posted a statement on both Twitter and Facebook, which link to an FBI form.
There people can submit their images, videos and relevant information.
You can stay up to date with the latest AI visiting scene.

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