April 13, 2021
See the first images of Mars from NASA Perseverance - Video

See the first images of Mars from NASA Perseverance – Video

We’ve just heard the news that perseverance is alive on the surface of Mars.
Congratulations to the mission.
We have some more news in it looks like we’re getting the first image.
Here take a look at the first image.
I have Their target points on the map.
When you are ready.
We are ready all three.
Go for it.
I’ll be moving in.
Showing you the safe zone that we’ve landed.>>In the first image from perseverance on the surface of Mars.
Now it comes from the engineering cameras known as the hazard camera.
This camera is mainly used to help the rover DRIVE SAFELY around Mars.
And we will get higher resolution photos later in the day.
You did.
You led the team.
Our second image in our second image is in.
These we have a camera in the front of the spacecraft.
They’re near the ground, so these are pretty close.
You can see the wheels there, and they’re a little dirty because you’ve got eyeglass covers over these cameras.
But we took these seconds after landing so there’s still dust in the air from our landing event.
So, this is happening.
Now, this happened just seconds ago, just arrived.
This is really amazing.
And we even know where we landed.
This is the most amazing thing the vehicle has told us where where it’s landed because he figured it out.
No, this is a sign NASA works.
NASA works and we put our arms together in our hands together and our brains together.
We can succeed.
This is what NASA does.
This is what we can do as a country, on all of the problems we have.
We need to work together to do these kinds of things and make success happen.

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