April 13, 2021
See Perseverance rover's descent to the Mars surface - Video

See Perseverance rover’s descent to the Mars surface – Video

We are super excited to actually share with all of you video imagery of perseverance landing on the surface of Mars.
Please roll the video.
Is starting to sign up and fly right manoeuvre where the spacecraft will jettison the entry balance method in preparation for parachute deploy and to rule over to give the radar a better look at the ground.
Indicates to deploy.
Navigation has confirmed that the parachute has deployed and we are seeing significant deceleration and the velocity our current velocity is 180 meters per second at an altitude of about 12 kilometers from the surface of Mars.
He feels that
perseverance has slowed to subsonic speeds and the heat shield has been separated.
This allows both the radar and the cameras to get their first look at the surface kind of velocity is 145 meters per second and an altitude of about 10 columns.
9.5 kilometers above the surface.
[bbb]Netfilter converge lastly solution 3.3 metres per second altitude 7.4 kilometres.>> Now has radar lock on the ground.
It is about 100 metres per second 6.6 farmers of the surface.
Perseverance is continuing to descend on the parachute.
On the initialization of terrain, relative navigation and subsequently the timing of the landing engines, our current velocity is about 90 meters per second at an altitude of, 4.2 kilometers.
Will be valid.
We have confirmation that the lane division system has produced a valid solution.
And part of turnouts and navigation.
PVA nominal.
We have timing of the landing engine
Actual the cover i see is eighty three meters per second at about 2.6 kilometers from the surface of Mars.
We have confirmation that the back.
Shell has separated.
We are currently performing the divert maneuver.
Our velocity is around 75 meters per second at an altitude of about a kilometer off the surface of Mars.
Kiran 50 Bravo.
We have completed our terrain relative navigation.
current speed is about 30 meters per second and altitude about 300 meters off the surface of ours.
We have started our constant velocity accordion which means we are conducting the sky crane To conduct the five crane maneuver.
Skysea maneuver has started by 20 meters.
Off the surface getting signals from MRL [INAUDIBLE] Delta sound confirmed
[INAUDIBLE] [APPLAUSE] On the surface of Mars.

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