February 28, 2021
Second stimulus checks: Everything you need to know - Video

Second stimulus checks: Everything you need to know – Video

After months of political deadlock, Congress has finally approved a second round of stimulus checks for Americans struggling through the pandemic.
Here’s what you need to know.
Lawmakers in Washington spent their last days before the holiday break hashing out a plan for COVID relief.
The debate went down to the wire leaving many worried that a deal wouldn’t be done by the end of 2020.
But Congress finally voted on a $900 billion relief package.
And with it a new round of stimulus checks that could bring you up to $600 But while any money in the pockets of Americans is good news.
That $600 per adult figure is half the $1,200 maximum we saw in March’s economic stimulus package.
Here’s what you need to know as a rule.
Well of thumb.
You qualify for a payment.
If you are a U S resident and you filed a tax return in 2018 or 2019, and the amount you get on your stimulus check will depend on a whole range of qualifications, including the earnings you reported to the IRS.
you qualify for the full $600 payment if you’re a single us resident with an adjusted gross income of less than $75,000 if you filed as a head of household you qualify for the full payment if you earned under $112,500.
Those filing jointly without children qualify if they earned less than $150,000.
If your adjusted gross income surpasses those amounts, you may be entitled to a partial stimulus check up to a certain amount.
families will also get an extra $600 for each child.
Aged 16 and under in their household.
There had been speculation that this stimulus package would expand the definition to include any dependent claimed on your tax return, no matter what their age, including college students, and Older relatives, but Congress has stuck with an age limit.
Meaning only qualifying child dependents are eligible for the extra $600.
Retirees those who receive social security and disability benefits.
And people who aren’t required to file tax returns would likely also qualify for a payment.
There are a lot of rules around the second stimulus cheque but you can go to C|net Stimulus check calculator to get a more specific estimate for your particular situation.
For Americans in desperate need of this relief, the good news is that stimulus could start flowing relatively quickly.
You can expect this second stimulus check to arrive the same way the first batch was delivered in one of three ways.
If the IRS has your direct deposit banking information from when you filed your tax return, it could be delivered direct to your bank account.
Speaking to sand BC before the bill was passed treasury secretary Steven Minutian said Americans who qualify for these direct deposits from the IRS.
Could save money within a week.
Otherwise it could also come as a paper check in the mail, in which case the IRS will use your last known address.
Or it could be mailed as a type of prepaid debit card called an economic impact payment card or AIP card where it can be spent like cash or transferred to your bank.
But it’s worth noting that it could take a while to get your money through a paper check in the mail or an AIP card.
For all the details on who qualifies for the stimulus check, and how much you can expect to receive, check out our full coverage on cnet.com

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