February 27, 2021
Save $130 on a powerful Dyson stick vacuum (Update: Deal expired)

Save $130 on a powerful Dyson stick vacuum (Update: Deal expired)



If you haven’t zoomed across the living room with a quality, cordless vacuum lately, you may be shocked at how much they actually suck these days and Dyson is leading the pack. Right now, you can snag a powerful, lightweight Dyson V7 HEPA cordless stick vacuum for $200 at Newegg — that’s $130 off the sticker price. For context, we haven’t seen this model go below $240 on Amazon, where it’s currently $274

There are loads of Dyson models out there and things can get confusing. If you want a breakdown of the V7 stick series and its four models, check out this article and video courtesy of one very vacuum-savvy fellow. The short version is that they’re all essentially the same machine in terms of power, except that the HEPA model (this one) has a HEPA filter as well as a fluffy head attachment, ideal for cleaning hardwood floors but not as good for carpets and rugs.

The V7 weighs under 5.5 pounds and works for up to 30 minutes on a single charge. (I don’t know about you, but I’ve never vacuumed for longer than that and don’t plan to.) Shipping is also free, making this a solid deal on a brand-new Dyson cordless.

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