February 27, 2021
Samsung's solar-charged remote made from recycled plastic - Video

Samsung’s solar-charged remote made from recycled plastic – Video

Look this remote control.
We never really think about it.
That is until it doesn’t work and you have to dig up fresh batteries, who has time to keep track of them.
And we all know batteries create unwanted waste.
So for both your convenience and the environment.
We kept searching for ways to apply light energy.
At the same time, we would have to develop extra efficient remote controls that could be powered by solar or indoor lighting alone.
We also chose to use recycled plastic, which involved turning waste into resin that met our high standards.
It wasn’t easy but we decided to go for it.
The result is the game changing solar cells remote control.
Based on the average life of TVs, which is about seven years.
This saves the environment from over 99 million batteries.
The reduction in carbon emissions is immense.
Picture 759 football fields full of pine trees.
It would take all those trees an entire year to do the same work.
Altogether, it was a complex process that took an incredible amount of expertise dedication and investment in R&D was our remote-control worth the trouble.
Absolutely we’re taking the initiative to conserve our planet with the progress we make It’s good to know my three kids will grow up in a greener world.
Sustainability demand careful attention and expensive investments, once again is a priceless or healthy planet, consuumer trust and a bright outlook for future generations.
Packages and remote controls are common place objects that people take for granted.

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