September 19, 2020
Samsung's new 2-in-1, Facebook takes down troll account network - Video

Samsung’s new 2-in-1, Facebook takes down troll account network – Video

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Samsung has a new five g two in one laptop with 11th generation Intel Core processors.
The small tune one appeared at Intel’s official unveiling of its 11th Gen core chips.
The Galaxy book flex 5g also received Intel’s new Evo platform verification
This means the laptop meets quote key experience indicators required by Intel to deliver the best possible mobile performance, Apple and Google wanna make it easier for health agencies to join it’s Corona virus exposure notification system, creating a new option that will allow them to help people track and alert.
One another about Corona virus infections.
Without having to build an app.
The new option called exposure notification express will allow people to join Apple’s and Google’s coronavirus notifications without needing to download a separate app from their local health department.
This the two company said will help spread adoption without putting pressure on health officials.
Some of whom have told the tech companies that don’t have the resources to build an app.
And finally, Facebook said Tuesday, then in August, it removed more than a dozen fake accounts and pages, tied to an infamous Russian government troll farm, known as the internet research agency that posted divisive news stories.
The network was on Facebook for about three months before the social media giant took down the fake accounts.
After receiving a tip from the FBI assigned that the tech company and its partners may be spotting Russian trolls more quickly.
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