February 26, 2021
Samsung's Bespoke fridges bring new colors into the kitchen - Video

Samsung’s Bespoke fridges bring new colors into the kitchen – Video

Obviously CES is very much about televisions, the computers and things like that.
But especially over the last several years, people have gotten really into seeing smart appliances, new home stuff at the show.
Samsung also has a lot of smart appliances.
I think the most interesting category is probably refrigerators Especially for people who have been mostly trapped at home for the last nine or 10 months and have liked me but spending a lot more time in their refrigerators.
so new to the US this year but existing in Korea is the bespoke range of refrigerators and it really is a mix and match Kind of line you basically have four quadrants here and you can decide to put a full freezer on this side or like a refrigerator and freezer and we have the refrigerator and freezer here you mix it and match it and more than just mixing and matching the units you can actually mix and match these panels on the front.
They come in a bunch of different colors and you should be able to just pop these off, get replacements set.
And change up the whole look of your refrigerator system without buying a whole new thing.
You could even get blue here, and white here, or metallic down there, and you come up with a whole bunch of interesting designs.
Now there’s another new version of the bespoke line for 2021, it’s a bit more of an all in one unit.
And that’s So this guy, it’s the four-door flex and you have, you know, top two refrigerator doors here.
This was a freezer and this is kind of a refrigerator freezer, which means it can have a different temperature setting than this regular freezer down here.
Also a couple of cool, hidden features.
You open the door like this regular refrigerator door.
But then you hit the little secret handle at the bottom.
And here you have built into the door your water dispenser.
A jug is a big metal panel here that will help radiate cold air when you close this again, this is more of an all in one unit.
You don’t get to pick the individual You know compartments like you do with the other bespoke models but it all comes in one package and you can still swap out these panels.
You can use different colors, different materials, really get a very unique look and even change it up if you want to.
But of course the super fancy smart refrigerator everybody loves to talk about is this guy right here.
It is the family hub.
And what sets this one apart from all the other refrigerators is this gigantic built in touchscreen.
It’s basically an Android tablet built into your refrigerator.
Now they’ve had this for a couple of years.
There are no real hardware upgrades to the screen itself for 2021.
But there are some software upgrades, And some new features.
So the big new feature for the family hub screen for 2021 is this new meal planner app.
And that lets you stack up different recipes day by day, week by week, lots of options.
You can drag them in there.
And then when you launch one, it gives you an overview and then you can even start step-by-step cooking instructions.
They can follow along right from here.
So once you launch a recipe, it goes into the Samsung smart things cooking app.
And that’s been on this particular device for a while now you can actually get that cooking app on your phone as well.
So if you don’t have this particular device, you can still use your other Samsung smart kitchen appliances and make these recipes.
And follow them along on your phone, instead of only being able to get to them through the smart Hub screen.
The family Hub Screen now also works with more digital assistants.
Obviously, this Samsung’s own Bixby built in, but now there are some hooks into Amazon’s Alexa and the Google assistant as well.
But I’ll tell you my favorite feature is still this guy right here the inside view that uses a little camera mounted inside the refrigerator to show you what’s inside without opening the door.
I could watch this all day.

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