February 27, 2021
Samsung unveils Galaxy S21 lineup, Blue Origin launches crew capsule - Video

Samsung unveils Galaxy S21 lineup, Blue Origin launches crew capsule – Video

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Samsung introduced the new Galaxy S21 lineup, at its old digital unpacked event, on Thursday.
There are three phones, the S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra.
Samsung cut the price of the entry level S, by $200, it now starts at 799.
The top of the line s 21 Ultra maxes out at around $1400 and also supports an optional S Pen, but the other models do not.
The big focus was on video and photography with Samsung touting that all the S 21 models have pro grade cameras.
Check out cnet.com for our first impressions.
Bought that wasn’t all for Sams- The company also introduced a new pair of truly wireless earbuds called the galaxy buds probe.
These new $200 buds have Active Noise Cancelling as well as an ambient mode so you can hear the outside world without taking the buds out of your ears.
We also saw the new Samsung Smart tags and smart tags plus.
Small trackers that you attach to objects so you can find them using your phone.
And finally, Jeff Bezos, his space company Blue Origin has successfully launched and landed its new ship and crew capsule.
The brand new capsule blasted off from Texas on Thursday morning before separating from its booster continuing to the edge of space and landing with help of parachutes about 10 minutes later Blue Origin hopes to eventually use the capsule to send paying passengers into space.
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