February 25, 2021
Samsung SmartThings and Android Auto bring smart home controls to your car - Video

Samsung SmartThings and Android Auto bring smart home controls to your car – Video

Only connections that let us manage our homes.
Even when we’re on the go.
We’re adding cars to the SmartThings ecosystem.
With the SmartThings app, you’ll be able to check your car status wherever you are.
You’ll also be able to start or stop your engine and from the app and turn on your AC or heater before you even get in the driver’s seat.
We spend a lot of time in our cars, To get to work or see the people we love.
So we’ve been working closely with Google to give you a world class experience through Android Auto, making it easier than ever to bring the power of your smartphone to your car.
We started by simplifying onboarding.
Android Auto has been adopted by every major car manufacturer and you can find it in nearly 100 million cars on the road.
In most cars, you can connect your Galaxy device.
And with a few short steps, you’ll be on the go.
And we made your experience smoother, faster and easier than ever.
You can enjoy your Galaxy experience right at your fingertips.
Samsung and Google have worked closely together to improve the user experience in the car display.
The smartphone like visual experience will feel more intuitive and familiar.
You’ll enjoy a simple app ecosystem with access to your favorite navigation and entertainment apps.
You can also talk to Google to make calls and send messages safely while keeping your hands.
On the wheel, you’ll be able to operate your SmartThings ecosystem.
SmartThings makes it easy to manage your home wherever you are.
Thanks to deep integration with Android Auto and smart things, you can control your home from the dashboard of your car.
Imagine you’re leaving work or on your way back from running errands.
It’s hard to relax after a long day knowing you still need to vacuum or do a load of laundry, I know I do.
With coming home scene, you can enjoy a truly relaxing homecoming.
I’ll just start coming home.
So while I drive home, my house does the work for me.My Google nest, adjust my home temperature.My robot vacuum cleans the living room and my Samsung washing machine gets started on the laundry so I can put in the dryer as soon as I get home.
It’s super convenient.
While I’m on the road, Android Auto even helps me take care of my car.
If I’m running low on battery, I want to power it up, he’ll direct me to the nearest charging stations.
And thanks to the combination of my Galaxy devices GPS, and geofencing set and SmartThings, my phone will recognize when I’m getting close to home.
Android Auto will pop up on my dashboard to ask if I want to start the Welcome home.
So the lights will switch on and the garage door will open as soon as I pull into the driveway
Now that’s innovation and smooth arrival and a relaxing night for you.
Android Auto and the SmartThings ecosystem, free from the ordinary, giving you more downtime and more extraordinary experiences.
You can enjoy your Galaxy everywhere in your phone, your home and your car.
We’re thrilled, to think about where this technology, will take us next.
We continue to lead the way, with services, that make your daily activities, seamless.
With this little key, you’ll be able to open the door of your house, with your mobile device.
This is so key gives you a trailblazing, touchless experience, you’ll be able to unlock your car door, with your phone.
The door wasn’t locked when you reach it.
No sooner, no later.
You’ll even be able to share this little key across smartphones regardless of brand or platform.
So if I’m lending my card to a friend while I’m out of town, this two key sharing will make our hand-offs seamless.
I can send the key to my friend with just a few easy tabs even if we’re thousands of miles apart.
We’ll continue supporting wireless communication [UNKNOWN] you know well, including NFC.
And we’re excited to be at the forefront of ultra wideband technology.
We’re working with industry consortia to lead the standardization of UWB and these two key technology, making them more readily available, secure, and sharable Are you web enabled this to key send short pulses between your mobile device and your car, then it makes super precise distance calculation in real time unlocking your door when you reach it.
And with the web, you can rely on AR finder to guide you directly to the car.
This to car keys unlock a world of possibilities.
We’re partnering with the world’s largest car companies to take your auto experience to the next level.
And we’re so excited about the great car experiences we’ll be introducing in the near future.

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