March 1, 2021
Samsung reveals S Pen with new S21 Ultra phone - Video

Samsung reveals S Pen with new S21 Ultra phone – Video

S21 Ultra’s display is our most advanced ever, and we made sure every part of your experience will match it.
That’s why we’re introducing welcome technology to S21 Ultra and making it the first ever S series device compatible with the S pen.
For all the Galaxy Note users out there, you know that the S pen is more than just a pen.
It puts precision, at your fingertips, so you can take charge of your mobile experience.
You can use it to write, draw, and make more precise edits.
We’re introducing two new independent S Pens today.
The standard model, now bigger, with a more comfortable grip, and the more advanced S Pen Pro.
The S Pen pro lets you take advantage of all the great Bluetooth features you’ve come to love, like using air actions to snap a photo remotely control your music player or click through a presentation.
With just the S Pen Pro, you’ll be able to use all these amazing features across our latest S Pen supported galaxy devices.
The S pen for S 21 Ultra will be available at launch and the S Pen pro will be available later this year.
We’re working with industry leading pen companies to design S Pen and S Pen pro models that show off your style.
s 21 Ultra is the only model and the S 21 series compatible with the S Pen

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